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Play "hidden" items as a guest


Thursday, November 15, 1818 16:13 (GMT + 7)

(November 19th, November 16th) was held at the My Dinh Stadium in Malaysia on November 15, where the training set was relaxed. At the same time, Viet Nam starts training from 18h30.

Coach Park Hang Seo and Captain Van Luhan responded to a press conference (Source: Sport)

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My Dinh at the stadium "Secret Traffic" of Malaysia

About 17×15 days, Malaysia was prepared to prepare for war at the Din Stadium. In addition to boots, Talaha and her team players are only gathering, releasing their muscles, and even playing handball.

In general, the atmosphere of the Malaysian atmosphere is relaxed. Guests will try to conceal a press conference in the media in Vietnam (only 15 minutes for the first session).

SAO African disease, Malaysia zol

After trying to jump, midfielder Mohammad Sumaré was injured and was forced to sit in the park. This is not a good news for Malaysia, as Tan Chung Ho has been able to postpone his player's injury due to injuries.

Mohammad Sumar, 24, was born in Gambia and was officially officially officially in April in Malaysia. For its impressive speed and strength, local media has been called "the monster".

Malaysian trainer Heng Seo holds a "fire fire"

According to Malaysian coach Tan Chung Hoe, the guests are satisfied with one point. However, before the comment was Park Hang Seo coach: "I think that the head coach always needs 3 points. His word is, but I think the Malaysian trainer wants something.

Asian newspaper is proud of Vietnam

Fox Sport Asia Park continues to strongly support Hang Seo as "one of the strongest teams in the AFF 2018 Cup" or "the strongest candidate for its title". played an opponent match.

Live Tel Malaysia - 1 day before "G": Guest line & # 34; hide & # 34; Play a game - 1

Fox Sport Asia commended Vietnam, but only one game started

Laos won the tournament with a score of 3: 0, and in 2008, the champion hopes to see why they are one of the strongest teams in the league and reach the end of their career. After two wins, Malaysia needed at least one point against the champion to manage the table and go to the group stage. "

Malaysian newspapers take care of home team

The Malaysian newspaper also said that teacher Tan Cheng Joe should be cautious when he came to the "Tigers", two years ago, on firefighters "My Ding", 0-1 defeat to Vietnam. round table.

"The winners will help Malaysia to find an early ticket to knockout, but it is not easy, as Vietnam's 2008 champion, even our team, scored 1-0 in the ring. two years ago, "Bharian said.

Also, the Cosmo newspaper hopes to leave Malaysia: "Malaya Hanoi, Malaysia, is ready to run after two wins, and Vietnam is ahead of Vietnam. However, Tan Cheng Hoe is ready to surprise the semi-finals.

Vietnam-Malaysia Press Conference: Park Hang Seo wants to lift Laos out to the best

The trainer acknowledges that Hang Seo missed the last games in Malaysia.

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