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Prosecutor, Vice Chairman of the People 's Committee Le Gui Ton Nha Trang Lao Dong Online | LAODONG.VN


On November 28, Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa), the deputy head of the Hank Hoah Police Force's (CSDT) Hek Leh Hui Toan, "had a great deal of irresponsibility."

According to Colonel Fan Van Tzuong, Chief of General Staff of the Police Department of Khan Hoa, police chief Khan Hoa decided to prosecute the accused Le Gouy Thoong SN 1964, member of the Commitee, Deputy Chairman of Nha Trang People's Committee, Hoang Long Urban Area, Phuoc Long Ward, Nha Trang City Chairman of the Council for Compensation and Land Sharing in Hoang Lang District.

In addition, the KPO Police Department in Hankhua Province also prosecuted the financial department's finance department chief, Luong Hui Ghiap; Mr. Wo – I am an employee of the Municipal Administration Department of the ICRC. The above costs are Nha Trang.

The CU was forbidden to leave the residence; At the same time, the search for three places of detention and workplace.

Earlier, the prosecutor's office of the police station in the province of Hanoi, Ho Lu Long, former chairman of the Fuo Long National Committee, Wu Thi Mei Huong, Nha Trang.

The prosecution of this woman is a land acquisition project Hoang Long City (Phuoc Long, Nha Trang), investigation and enlargement of the case 49/77 compensation, support, relocation. In addition, CSI has launched a criminal case against Nguyen Duc Cuong (ground officer of Phuoc Long Ward Company).

The project UGP In mid-2016, a letter of denunciation came into effect from the investigative body. So far, four accused have been charged with "organizing documents" and "for artificial insecurity".

In four cases, Do Ho Vinh (resident of Le Hong Phong Street, Phuoc Long Ward); Nguyen Ngoc Khanh lives in Nha Trang, Wyndham, Ward. These two institutions are the contractor of the Construction & Geological Investing Company "UPA GK, Ltd", a member of the Working Group on Assistance to the Resettlement Compensation Committee at Hoang Long Urban Area Project.

There are "help" from a number of officials and officials at this event. However, when the case was under investigation, Ms. Juan suddenly moved to work as Nha Trang Fatherland Front Committees.

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