Friday , September 30 2022

Results Madrid vs Celta Real Madrid today 12/11


Bongda24h currently plays 12 matches between Celta and Real Madrid in the La Liga, in 2018/19. The Spanish league of 2018/19, which is held at Celta Vigo and Real Madrid at 12:45 today.

Real Madrid are delighted to have Barcelona 3-4 defeats Real Betis during their pre-season visit to Celta Vigo. That means if there is a victory in Balaida, the difference between the Real and the 12th La Liga is only 4 points.

From the very first moment, it was possible to identify the guests. Knowing that Selta was always happy at home, coach Santiago Solari offered a tactic temporarily.

True is the true desert, but they have decided not to overpower the team to hit the opponent. Los Blanc initiated the game with hosts and waiting for opportunities. After 23 minutes, Solari team scored 4 minutes after "Celtic" Real Madrid's corner.

The captain of the Luca Modric gate put Carmen Benzema, the goalkeeper of Kelma. Do not miss the French forward's proven accuracy of the "True Forward". From now on, there are more reasons for their loyalty to play.

When he was 51%, Selta fought in the attack. He was forced to run home away from home, only hitting the goalkeeper for the goalkeeper Kurtuu. The first half ended with a score of 1: 0.


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