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Sabeco committed a grave crime – Finance


Sunday, 11/11/2018 17:30 (GMT + 7)

In the case of management failure, the state property of Sabeco Company, when utilizing capital, estimates the Hai Ba Trung exchange rate at 2-4-6 in "prices" that would have a great impact on the budget

Implementation of the Decree No. 1443 / QD-KTNN of 29 September, 2017 on the state financial audits of the Head of the Audit Auditor, on the management and utilization of the property and capital of the home. Saigon Beer – Alcohol Beverage Corporation (Sabeco) In 2016, IV Regional State Audit was held between 4-10 and 2017, between 1-12-2017. The results of the audit have shown a number of violations of Sabeco's public capital management and use.

Sabeco committed a serious crime - 1


Errors in replacement

According to the State Bank of Vietnam, Sabeco Pearl (Sabeco Pearl) has some signs of price errors since June 2016 for sale in the form of shares owned by the holding. In particular, the original price of Sabeco was 13,247 Dg / s, with a prize of 13,347 Drams / share. However, Sabeco Pearl's business is still defective. For example, the non-market differences in the comparison method do not comply with the Vietnamese valuation standard. The discounting coefficient used to calculate the present value of future cash for an over-the-counter method is 13.69%, while in Real Estate Project evaluation in Ho Chi Minh City in 2016 – 11%. As a result, the cost of business was substantially reduced as the basis for determining the initial price.

Sabeco Pearl is about $ 566.7 billion. Dang has an authorized capital of 26%, Sabeco owns 26% of its equity capital, with three founding shareholders – Ha An Investment Trading and Service JSC (25.5%), Attlin Joint Stock Company (25.5%), (23%) … Project No. 6 -4-6 Hai Ba Trung, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC on the Almaz Square. This is a Saigon Me Linh Tower project with 3 basements, 9 floors, 48 ​​towers and 2 towers, and 36 floors.

In 2016, Sabeco sold its entire share of Sabeco Pearl to 195 billion US Dollars for Atlantis Joint Venture under the Share Purchase Agreement No. 01 / HI-SABECO / 2016 at the price of 13,347 shares per share. This price is "choking" compared to the actual value of "diamond" above.

Expenses in 10 companies

The State Audit Bureau noted that Sabeco's capital should create provisions for long-term long-term investments in financial investments for less than 20% of its charter capital. Its authorized capital amounts to 444.7 billion tenge. 8% of the investment cost.

Sabeco's investments include: investment in Sabyco's joint venture "Shygys", which is worth more than $ 154 billion; Dong A commercial joint-stock bank PVI Saigon has invested $ 39.3 billion Investment fund Sai Gon Securities A2 amounted to 33.7 billion; Dai Việt Securities is about $ 16 billion … One of these figures is the purchase of Vinashin bonds, which makes the company make reserves of over $ 20.8 billion of its initial value. private; Dong A commercial bank has pledged $ 134 billion When investing in US dollars, shareholders are not allowed to issue shares due to this special control. Most of these investments are outside of Sabeco's core business.

As a result, the Vietnamese government requested the Ministry of Industry and Trade (IOT) to provide Sabeco with a clear understanding of the causes, the acquisition of collective responsibility and investment capital, and the purchase of bonds of the above-mentioned companies.

In addition, due to the Sabeco administration's return in 2016, Sabeco has spent more than $ 12 billion on the president, chief executive officer, chief executive officer, chief accountant and chief accountant. The average monthly salary of the manager is 20.3 months. At the same time, the maximum amount of 1.5 months salary, awarded by the Decree of the Companies in 2013 is 1.5. It also requires the Government and the Ministry of Industry and Trade to clarify and consider the respective responsibilities.

There is no budget of 2,400 billion

According to the results of the inspection, the profit of Sabeco as of December 31, 2016 amounted to 2.8 trillion. Sabeco Corporation has invested $ 201 billion in the first quarter of 2016. Thus, 2016 and earlier earnings amounted to $ 2,700 billion.

Sabeco will be 89.59% on the basis of the state equity ratio as of December 31, 2016, and the state audit Sabeco will cost $ 2.4 billion from 2016.

State Audit The Ministry of Industry and Trade will have the Ministry of Industry and Trade carrying out inspections and monitoring of collective and personal responsibility at the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2016. In addition, Sabeco's representative office recommends that it re-examine its responsibility to avoid the 2016 Revenue Sharing Plan.

According to State Audit Director General Ho Duc Fuch, during the audit period, Sabeco failed to explain the retained earnings and the remaining investment fund plans until 31-12-2016. Nevertheless, Mr. Fouke 18-12-2017 (After the audit has ended) this recommendation is difficult to comply with, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade has 53.59% of Thai tea in the charter capital of Sabeco, Thailand's billionaire Sharo Sirivadhanabhakdi.

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