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Seven days later, he found a yellow body in the cave in Ho Bing


After 7 days in the Goa-Bin cave, he found a yellow body - Figure 1.

The body of the blond is a force outside. Photo: Dan Thri

Truhong Cong Chanh (SN 1992), a native of Thanh Hoa province, is one of the two golden ladies who fell in the cave of Co Cang, 10/11, a lunchtime search and rescue force, according to the Chairman of the Thanh Nong Commune Peoples Committee, Tian-Fong, When she was opened, she died of deformations in the body.

After the discovery of Mr. Chang, the rescue force used bamboo buckets to bring the victims to the cave entrance. At the scene, functional forces use alcohol to wash the victim's body before the forensic medical commission fulfills the task.

According to the Khan, 10/11, the local rain is raising the water level in the golden cave. The forensic medical examination and the victim's movement are difficult.

"Although the team of doctors is in the queue, the rescue team is still trying to find the other," said Khan.

Finds body of gold after 7 days in Goa-Bin cave - Фото 2.

People looking forward to looking for gold.

Mr. Chruong Cong Diep (brother of Chan Brothers) says that the new head of the working half month. When traveling, he agreed to flatten his older brother in Hoawi Bing, but no one knew how to pay gold until he stood in front of illegal gold.

According to Mr. Diep, Shan District, he has a wife and two children (6 years old, 8 months old). When you hear the news, his wife will lose her, and she will not be able to go to her husband's news website for mental health and the vulnerable people.

Earlier, on November 4, approximately 2 in London, Lang, in the illegal gold mine in Lang-Tui, Hau-Byin, produced gold from the cave. The water went up into the cave and left the two yellow women inside.

Two strikers – Thanh Nong commune, Thanh Nong commune, Thanh Hoa province, Thanh Minh Commune, Thanh Minh Commune, Thanh Minh Commune, Thanh Minh Commune, Thanh Nong commune, Thanh Nong commune, Thanh Nong commune, Buchanan Wang Tou (SN 1990), Sean Huong Kong Chang (SN 1992, . ).

Quaker Tat Liem, Chairperson of the Lak Tui County People's Committee, has informed the local administrative court that the Co Cuc Bach Xuan Hung gold mine is being processed from March 2016 until now. unauthorized Mr. Liam explained that Mr. Hunung had led to the repetition of a failure to repair and repair a broken road at night using gold.

Found a body of gold in Goa-Bin cave 7 days later - Фото 3.

Inside the golden cave. Pictures; Nguyen Hoan

According to the reporter, after the illegal completion of 2017, on January 4, 1818, Lak Tu Tong District signed an agreement with the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Lak Tui District. Reconstruction of Reman Dai Kim Co., Ltd. land plots for return of land for agricultural production. There are 90 days to complete the contract. However, on the 4th of April, 1818, this division did not complete the contract area, said the Thanh Nong commune People's Committee, but DoNRE did not extend or terminate the contract. According to the Thanh Nong Commune People's Committee, Bh Huang Khan was illegally using gold with excavator, pump, gold molding and four employees during and after the sanding. work.

Speaking with Tien-Fong, Mr. Bach Bhang, Chairman of the PSC, said that after the end of the communist guarding period, breaking new regional natural resources and environmental conditions by 8/2018. On the day of the liquidation contract, district police officers seized more gold mining equipment. But after 20 days, he handed over all the cars. On November 4, the walls of the cave appeared in the cave, and two yellow ladies fell.

Colonel Nguyen Tang, the deputy chief of police in Goa-Bing province, temporarily detained an illegal illegal gold hunter, Bah Jiang Hann, at a press conference on November 5 at the National Committee of the Hoa-Bin province. Confirmation of completion of the case material. Mr. Tang also noted that, during the field investigation, illegal gold production facilities did not burn some of the products and equipment.

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