Sunday , April 2 2023

"Sleep with me, I will help you to become famous"


This year, John Young is John is officially linked to a number of serious sexual allegations with the entertainment industry: 10 to keep sex videos clips, to distribute pictures to the talking room for 8, buying sex from Korea to Europe, and recently illegal golf bets. In 2016, Jung was sued by his ex-boyfriend for sexual assault, but later admitted to having sexually explicit videos of two, but completely voluntary.

According to recent news stories, John John has not only blamed sex videos for two times (2016 and 2019), and even investigated the Criminal Investigation Department of the police department. Seoul was sent to investigate in November last year for an undercover video. Last year's investigative information showed that not only one but also many abductors had been kidnapped by Jung. It's worth noting that John Jong Yang made a promise to the victim: "Sleep with me, I will help you to become famous". Promising a promising future in the entertainment industry, many victims have been detained by John Young.

In 2016, John John was accused of losing his phone. Men's singers are suspicious of going to the "back door" to complicate the investigation. In particular, at that time the police tried to avoid the data recovery process of the judicial expertise department. So, John Jong has escaped with a crime.

In 2018, men's singers will follow the same accusations. However, the forensic examination department the Office of Public Prosecutor refused to provide data on the restoration of documents. The prosecutor's office is considering the case in 2016. He decided that the order was similar, so the order was not necessary. MBN affirmed, and in 2018 the actual number of victims will be reduced to 2016. and the prosecutor's decision has a special position.

Source: MBN

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