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On November 28, the Standing Committee on Party Committees in the Daq Nong Province said that the disciplinary sanctions of several local leaders have made many mistakes in the work process. In many cases, local administrators have for these purposes land and forests in regulatory acts

Member of the Commission, Member of the Commission, Member of the Tuu Duk District People's Committee, Nguyen Hu Huan – provincial Standing Committee will order the district commissioner in three ways: 2008 – 2013; 2013 – 2015 years And 2015-2020

Juan Juan's disciplinary actions include Deputy Director of Planning, Branch Secretary (2000 to 2003), Deputy Director of Quang Truc Forest Enterprise (from 2003 to 2006). ), Deputy Chairman of the District People's Committee (2007 to the present time) who was involved in the cultivation of Quang Truc Plantation and subsequently certified land plots on 02 land plots in the Vo village, covering more than 70,000 m2 in the village of Quang Truc.

By 2013, Juan requests legalization of two documents from one person to another. Despite the mistake, the verification process, Juan, concealed that he and his wife did not know about it.

The Party Committee of the UBKT Province and the District Commissioner, as well as the Vice-Chairman of the Tuu Duk People's Committee, have been warned in the form of a warning.

According to the regional committee committee, the district commissioner, the head of the financial and planning department, from 2007 to 2015, did not advise Mr. Tsu to distribute the funds to the District People's Committee, as well as economic and technical reports on construction and inspection of 03 rural roads.

He also reprimanded Le Vincent Quin, deputy chairman of the Provincial Party Committee, District Commissioner, Deputy Chairman of the District People's Committee of Duck Song. Mr. Cao Minh Nguyet, Deputy Director of the High Technology Park Management Board; Mr. Dean Siu, secretary of the party committee, Duk Nong police and party secretary Bui Dinh Lin, Duk Nong Province Police Chief of the 90s.

These people are penalized for mismatching state policies and laws in land management and operation. In the course of the work, many people use land plots, forest management, defense, and misuse.

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