Tuesday , August 16 2022

Thanh Hoa Police Chief, brother of formerly funded subsidized $ 260 million


In the afternoon of November 28, police chief Colonel Nguyen Chi Fuong Thanh Hoa's City Police Office confirmed his voice on the tape recorded on the Fcebook social network, and talking is a reality. "At the moment, the competent authorities must make a decision," Fuong said.

Earlier, the social network reported more than 23 minutes: "Police Colonel Nguyen Chi Fuong spent $ 260 million in police custody. He took the money to spend the dollar, which was at the denunciation level.

This record shows that many conversations have been recorded at different times, including male and female voices. One of them was named Colonel Nguyen Chi Fuan, Thanh Hoa police chief , and the other worked in public security under the police colonel Fouong.

In the audio record, Thanh Hoa police officer recalled that the man who was involved in kidnapping the colonel's motorcycle was "laundered" and "this sum was 260 million dong …

"Now you know how to deal with war, brutality, repression, and what to do now, because the family is hard, and hope his father will help his mother after his wife's birth." "I have a brother's house, I can judge my place, this is the most difficult thing, and I have to return my money". "Are there many children?", "Before he went to talk to 260 million people …"

Some of the above-mentioned stories are posted on Facebook.

Due to the phonograph record posted on Facebook, Colonel Nguyen Chi Fuong, chief of the police department at Tohkoh Hoa, said that his voice was in the record and that it was a story. Fuong said that the conversation would take place between 19-20-20-20.

"He worked in the police department and lost the rank of Public Security to steal the motorcycles of the agency." The gift was true, but it did not work. If you do not have the money to get the rank of police, then no one will be wise when you do a hard act. It intentionally disturbs him, "Colonel Fouong said.

According to Fouong Fuong, when he received information on Facebook, he informed the authorities of Takhan Hoa province police to check explanations.

Reporters said that Thanh Hoa had contacted Colonel Hwong Dui Oanh, the deputy director of the police department, but did not have any leading information.

Earlier, in July – 2018 Do Duc Hieu (SN 1989, born in Tianhua province, Tricho Son District) was a police officer at Thanh Hoa Police – Thanh Hoa. People who have been expelled from the industry are involved in police theft theft. Hieu was later prosecuted and the Thanh Hoa People's Court heard a hearing on November 22, 2018 and was charged with "theft of property" for a 9-month prison term.

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