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LTS: Teacher's Day in Vietnam, teacher Khan Van shared her memories of her beloved teacher.

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When I was in grade 10, she was our class teacher.

As he was in military years, when he was in the new academic year, I was appointed as a class teacher.

So from the very beginning of the academic year, I and my teachers have a very special feeling.

I love the topic of the teacher. His life suffers too much, there is too much loss, pain, the teacher's face is constantly moving, and always entertains the students incredibly.

Every time he sees a school abandoned for many years, he always takes care of and helps.

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Before class: It is necessary to help the class teacher to leave school for many years, and it may be difficult to go to school.

I was very impressed with the fact that I was attracted to it.

On the first day of the class on my 10 assignments, my teacher names my 8th grade (9 or 10 points per day).

I thought I had the highest score, and the whole class looked at me and my joy was bright.

Since then, we have been talking to each other after the teacher's hours or after school.

Speaks about world literature and great heroes in the country.

People like Master or why Li Bai, Do Fu, Nguyen Kong Tru, Nguyen Dui have been experiencing unhappiness and misery on the road.

Teachers usually argue and explain about good literature because I read and read a lot.

Then poetry teachers, poems by Nguyen Binh, Vu Hoang Chuong, Nguyen Vy …

I asked him about Nguyen Bing, a talented poet who led her to life.

Nguyen Bin is not only a hard worker, but also past writers, poets often are very poor and deceived.

Poverty, from the time of Qu Yuan, Lee, Tao Si Srenn wrote.

They suffer not only from the poor, but also from the leaf that is sometimes in them … Literature is expensive.

At the end of the twelfth grade, I brought great joy to myself and to the teacher.

She started with the first regional literature award, then went to the best pupils of the province, and she taught me everything to prepare for the important exam.

Now 20 years have passed. I also became a literature teacher – she was on her way.

Also, many growth and decline in life have been observed, and many students have become very special.

But as I recall her, she recalled her teacher who showed her example, and she loved her students wholeheartedly.

More specifically, I remember a unique teacher.

His life is associated with painful illness, which is not characterized by words.

After graduating from the university, he taught at the regional pedagogical college.

Those years are the most beautiful months of his life.

She took part in textbooks and later developed science at the ministry level, and most importantly she taught many generations of the provinces during the academic year at the teacher training schools. .

But life is only joy and happiness, life is full of grief, glory and fortune.

Suddenly, suddenly, the painter suddenly came up with the pain.

One year his father died, and his wife suffered a severe illness and suddenly fell ill with such a teacher.

At that time, the children were frightened, beaten, hard-working.

At no point, she asks them to teach at a home school to care for the children and the elderly.

When I listen to the teacher's words, I understand that her eyes are always melancholy and sad.

When we entered the 10th grade, in the first year of the Department of Education, Taheha Hoa decided to open another high school in our country.

At that time, his children grew up and were sent to teach our class.

At the end of grade 12, I graduated from the University of Literature.

I'm very happy, the joy of the teacher is the day we are used to by the teacher, seeing that students are passing by.

At the end of the fourth academic year, I went on vacation or felt that I had been teaching at school because of paralysis, and I did not go to harm her.

Why do good people often find this misfortune?

She told me: "She was months away, she came to retire … but her life is hard, even though she is more horribly happy, as a boat driver carrying most of her life with her children." river.

Successful children are the property of the teacher.

– What is your life now? I asked.

– It's also hard work. He can no longer teach, retirement is not old … now he is not paying his wages and expects retirement.

I was simply comforted by a few words from a former student who did not help her.

I quit school and worked hard everywhere, I got a job in my hometown.

Finally, I took the bag and went ahead. He paid attention to me and said:

"Listen to me!" South, north of the same house.

My country is spacious, long, but Gong, Lak kids.

Then, when I have a permanent job, "Respect for Motherland".

Coming November 20, I want to write about the teacher, but when he spoke to the master, he did not agree to give his name.

She said she wanted to be as quiet as a teacher.

They remember that the teacher is very happy.

Yes, my teacher, I write these words only to send this Honorary Teacher as a profound gratitude.

Not too far away I will not go back to visit him. This little incident is the heart of an old teacher, who is presented to the teacher – teacher Than.

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