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The 62-year-old bride wrote "advice" to send his "husband" and called it "storm" for the 26th time.


Tuesday, 06/11/2013 13:48 (GMT + 7)

Together with bright laughter and emotional clips, Ms. Tu Sao has shared her thoughts. It is the longest line ever written on social networks after marriage and social interest.

Ms. Sao loves her husband after the new teeth are over.

According to the youth world, yesterday (5.11), the bride, 62-year-old Thu Sao finished teeth worth more than 200 million. Because, if she wants to be a teenager, her husband is more comfortable, Sao is not afraid to pay for the beauty. Before the toothpaste, she had cosmetic surgery, she toughened her face and repaired her hair.

Nowadays, a new white teeth, usually a 62-year-old woman, smile and have a good social network.

The 62-year-old bride wrote a clip, wrote & # 39; 26 Storm to husband Send MXH - 1

The 62-year-old bride wrote a clip, wrote & # 39; 26 Storm to husband Send MXH - 2

Ms. Tu Sao is convinced that his teeth are on the profile page.

She also made a very emotional clip with her husband.

Together with the picture, Sao also talked about the mind, along with laughter and emotional videos. These are the longest lines written in social networks after they have been married and attract public attention.

"I have never regretted this love, and I only want to live a good life when I'm together.

From day one, you can not eat food all day long.

I do not see any problems in the house because there is no shade.

What brick we do, we do it all.

True love is hard to deal with.

But it's hard to find half of your heart.

The meeting in the sky gives us. I've been waiting for you for a long time

We have seven new lives.

Love is destiny.

The meaning of spouses is destiny.

Today I'm really beautiful, bright. Being in the company of brothers and sisters gives you confidence.

My husband is proud of his wife.

I want to share with you that "happy people are always happy if you can do everything".

Life is beautiful and beautiful and half of life to live like you.

The flag confirmed and confirmed the love of Sao's.

Previously, the love story of Le Thi Thu Sao (SN 1957, Cao Bang) and the Thach Anak District of the Cao Bang province triggered public opinion over time.

While engaging in many waves, public opinion has given a lot of comments about this love story. Recently, Zhao Hua has made a personal statement that he decided to marry his 62 year old bride, before answering, "What do men think about an old woman piloting an old woman?"

According to Mr. Zhao Hua, "Recently I have been attracted to love for more than 35 years old by love and with her wife. At first, I was very upset, but nowadays the "hurricane" that I am learning about society and see normal things.

Many people love elderly women because they love someone like their "mother" and prefer their purses. Zhao responded to this idea: "Since our love is widespread, many people say that they love money and property … But they are still alien to me.

They say nothing to me. Now my care is my wife's feelings and emotions, we live for ourselves and we do not live for someone else. " Mr. Zhao Hug also loves love and marriage. The most inconvenient is whether the two parties love one another or not.

The 62-year-old bride wrote a clip, wrote & # 39; 26 Storm Sends MXH to Her Husband - 3

Couples prove that their love is genuine love

Overcoming the wind waves, the couple eventually loves this age difference, and also tents. It's 11.8 months a month.

Tu Sao says: "Many people often have difficulties because they often come in love and often meet people for decades. However, Cuong is very harmonious with my character and everyday activity.

Sometimes when I'm older, I see an older age, often called a "young man", and then she just laughs. We love each other, and we will be happy in this life. That's what I said about the deviation of the age, and then my husband and his brother's ears. Did not hear that yet.

Indeed, they have always been able to see the day-to-day love and affinity of the network community. Ms Tan is looking for ways to get more information about Sao Jong. A 26-year-old man always stretches his hand and helps his wife.

Twenty-two-year-old bride-in-law and her 26-year-old husband show their honeymoon at home with funny jokes around the stream.

The 62-year-old bride has his "pillow"

Is the age of married couples too big?

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