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The benefits of social insurance are not affected


Deputy Director General of the Socialist International of Vietnam, Dao Wyeth Anh, said at the conference last week that it would provide timely information on social insurance, social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance (UI) in Vietnam. through.

At a press conference, journalists asked the Socialist Insurance Agent of Vietnam to visit the People's Court of Hu Jinghui. Ho Chi Minh was sentenced for the first time in Vietnam on social security in ALC II (Vietnam's Agricultural and Rural Development Bank), whether he is trying to get more than $ 800 billion in loans, is not he? Answering the question above, Dao Wyet Anh confirmed the recovery of social security amounts for ALC II Vietnam. About $ 800 billion of loans guaranteed by the Bank Measures to raise funds in dollars will be taken.

The benefits of social insurance are always guaranteed.

The benefits of social insurance are always guaranteed.

According to Tao Vyet Anh, TAND TP. Ho Chi Minh reviewed debt-related issues between ALC II and Vietnam's Social Security. However, after the first stage, there is a wide range of opinions among the divisions, the hearing of the lawsuit continues. Tao Wyet Anh, in any case, confirmed that the benefits of social insurance are not always guaranteed and will not affect any of them.

Previously, social insurance contract with ALC II in Vietnam, 2008 and 2009 Total amount of 1010 bln. US dollars. Including $ 810 billion in total. VND200 billion short-term contracts (canceled at maturity). In the middle of 2009, ALC II started paying interest on the monthly and principal amount as set forth in the above-mentioned loan agreements. ALC II leaders have also been checked by the authorities and have found a lot of financial management errors. After that, the Ministry of the Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan has participated in the prosecution of the case.

TK national court in December 2016. Bankruptcy procedure ALC II was opened in Ho Chi Minh City No. 1016/2016. On 20/20/2017, the Vietnamese Social Insurance Company sent an official letter to the ALC II and the Vietnamese Agricultural and Rural Development Bank for the payment of principal and interest. After $ 240.7 billion of contracts, the total amount of ACL II is still around VND669.3 billion. This amount is guaranteed.

During the press conference of the Socialist Insurance Vietnam, the number of participants in social insurance assessed in October 2018 amounted to 14.19 million people. Creates a person; Voluntary social insurance – 251 thousand people; UI – 12.13 million Population health insurance is 82,33 mln. It forms a human being that reaches 87.25% of the population. All sectors that work on social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance: 11 084 monthly pension and social insurance materials; 70,690 people receive one-time benefits; 838483 Beneficiaries for diseases, maternity, health and rehabilitation; For medical insurance KZT 15,07 mln. The man comes; Unemployment benefits for 63,210 beneficiaries on labor, handicapped and social issues, 3,812 beneficiaries will be set up to support vocational training.

Information exchange in the social insurance industry's electronic records, according to representatives of the Archive (Vietnam Social Security), is the introduction of information technology in the industry record. Comprehensive approach to defects in paper records. At the moment, the industry has a capacity of $ 4 million for monthly social insurance. 338 019 records were added, electronic data and electronic data were stored in the Industrial Data Center. This result will have a positive impact on the reform of administrative procedures, in particular, improves the use of technology in the archives, as well as in the work of the industry. It helps you quickly and efficiently use information on social insurance and health insurance documents, save you time and money …

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