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The most beautiful bull in the world, as a rule, by car Phi


Thursday, November 29, 2012 11:00 (GMT + 7)

The height of the beef is about 2 meters in height, and only a car.

According to Daily Star, the basketball superstar of the cow has a record high as Michael Jordan.

Depending on the amount of cows, cows go for a walk in the area of ​​Western Australia.

Her 7-year-old boy is more than just a rival. The owner of the farm, Jeff Piererson, said that a large amount of beef was slaughtered.

The most fashionable bull in the world - by car - 1

The cow was about 1.4 tons long, about 2 meters long and over the other cow.

The simplest reason is that it is impossible to treat such a large cow in a local slaughterhouse.

"It's too big and heavy," Jeff says. We could not get it through a siege net. So it is better to live happily afterwards. «

Her owner, who spent £ 225 at a young age to buy a cow. "For many years, the cow was bigger and better than other seeds."

The happiest bull in the world, the car - 2

Cows are good at bringing them to the stage.

When the standard cows weigh about 630 kg, the longest cow has weighed up to 1.4 tonnes, which is equal to a car. Cow is white compared to other brown cows.

Regardless of the large amount, this cow is considered the largest cow. In the Guinness Book of Records the cows at a height of 2 meters are registered and weighs 2,267 kg.

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