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The truth behind NHM issues when buying Vietnamese tickets


The first 45 minutes of VFF sales (from 10 to 10 November 28), approximately 800 tickets made 3,200 tickets. Successful ticket orders have been made on websites;; and However, 800 people who purchased a ticket were a small part of online cruises on the 28th of November.

The VFF ticket sales system is registered, with the maximum time to 60,000 people entering the site simultaneously. To ensure the allocation of justice tickets, WEF regulators were simultaneously limited to 500 people. All tickets, such as opening the system, are sold for 1 hour, and the next buyers will not have tickets for semifinals on 6 December.

So if many fans face difficulties accessing the site, or "If you've sold tickets for this nominal price, pick another person or get back when you're back.

Earlier, FFK fans sent a message to the FFK Cup semifinals until 2018 4th November, 10th to 12th November.

Therefore, the VFF ticket system should be able to make reasonable calculations and agreements to buy tickets online at 28/11 and 29/11 morning, working in the morning.

Philippines - Philippines - Picture 1.

Fanatics fill me up from the My Dinh Stadium as FIFA 2018. Instead, the queue will have to take "queue." Photo: Giang Nguyen

Thus, fans who purchase online tickets can not buy tickets for 100% without visiting the online ticket purchase site.

According to VFF statistics, only 500 people are allowed to buy tickets from 40,000 to 60,000 people waiting to place an order, and only 1 percent of successful buyers have a ticket of only 1.25 percent!

According to Secretary General Le Hoa An, the WPF, consisting of 40,000 seats on My Dinh, sells 20-25 to 25,000 tickets online for lovers. The rest of the Philippine supporters (about 3000 tickets), and then tickets for sponsors (about 10,000 tickets).

Prices for each stage of the AFF Cup, which will be held in semifinals in 2018:

✅State D: 200,000 VND

✅Costa C: 300,000 VND

✅Sost B: 400,000 VNIs

✅ Number of "A": 500,000 VND

100% of tickets sold to fans (about 25,000 tickets) are online and released. Every individual can purchase up to 4 tickets in accordance with the conditions of issuing the identity card (citizen ID).

Vampires are able to buy online tickets online via VFF online ticket sales system

According to Tung Le

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