Sunday , September 25 2022

The two "mixed war" drivers were afraid of the conflict in Saigon


On August 17, police in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Tan District, have been interrogating two drivers with a knife and a stick, and both are being taken to hospital in an emergency.

According to the survey, at about 8 o'clock on that day, Tan Wang Wang – Tan Tao Ward, Tan Wang Wang – Tan Woo Wan, was taken to Bian Tang district to make a passenger bike ride. Here, the paid guest has two drivers, Hong and Hunung (both are about 50 years old, motorcycle driver).

Due to the collision of guests in Saigon, two drivers are chasing one another - Photo 1.

The school where the incident occurred.

Later, the driver of the Khong driver and the driver of the Hong Kong rushed out and took knives and sticks to catch one another. The incident has led to serious injury to both of them. People hurried to bring both of them to the extreme

Two drivers in Saigon overwhelm each other - Фото 2.

Police at the scene.

The policemen, who took this news, came to inspect the site of the incident, to obtain witnesses' certificates, and to bring security cameras to the region to determine the cause.

Police confiscated weapons, home blades and similar trees during the conflict. The case is under investigation.

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