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Tran Phuong Binh Vu wants to turn "aluminum" into a "leader"


On the evening of November 28, the Ho Chi Minh judges continue to hear the case of abuse of power and authority over property damage to the Bank, which is contrary to the State's economic governance provisions. East Asian Bank (DongABank).

Go to the State Bank Inspection

Consequently, Trans-Fuon Bin (former director general, chairman of the board of directors and chairman of the Credit Council of Dong A) and Nguyen Thi Kim Huan (former deputy general director of DongABank) have serious consequences for the state's economic governance, distrust.

At the beginning of the investigation, Tran Faung Bing condemned the contents and content of the charges. Before working in Bong Dongbang, he is a Brain XMM Schoolmaster teacher.

The panel respondent said that Bign Dongbanks, who was responsible for the charter capital, increased 39 times. Increase of the authorized capital of the Bank shall be based on the decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders in accordance with Bign, and then shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for its implementation.


Treasure by the National Bank of Fuhan Bin (photo: Pham Nguyen).

Since 2014, the State Bank has launched a comprehensive inspection of DongABank and said violations were detected. There have been five unscheduled or thorough investigations.

In particular, responding to the State Bank's inspection activities, the defendant reported a few days before the State Bank inspected Dongbank during the BIN inspection. After receiving the documents, Bini directs staff involved in any covert action, if there is content in the budget.

Destroying Tran Phuong Binh and his partners DongABank 20.12.2012 25,451 bln. Trans Juan Fang Bin has filed a formal complaint, which he sent to lower-level employees and sent the receipts accordingly to the head office.

The accused Byin detected the fine amount of 2 billion 557 billion tenge, but Tran Foan Bing is the nature of the money spent for the purchase of DongABank shares, so this amount is still in the banking system. Commodity.

You want to build trust in "aluminum"

Tran Phuong Binh Vu said that aluminum is the largest shareholder of DongABank, so Vu "aluminum" loans will be used to buy shares. Bin Wu has no cash in "aluminum", but has enough potential to borrow about 4 billion, with no 200 billion.

About 200 billion VND, said the Bin has hidden "aluminum", which knows the source of the money. For hidden purposes, Tran Phuong Binh wants Vu to trust the potential of DongABank as a trustworthy company, thus turning Vu, the major shareholder of the bank into "aluminum."


Tran Phuong Binh Vu wants to be trusted with "aluminum" (photo: Pham Nguyen).

After DongABank increased its charter capital, Bingen was accused of involvement with Vu's "aluminum" of $ 600 billion. He ordered to pay VND in tenge. According to the principles of binary accounting, it should return 600 billion, but Vu "aluminum" paid only 400 billion.

The panel then asked the defendant Nguyen Thi Kim the question. Mr. Huan was working as a planning officer at the 6th Committee of the People's Commissariat of Huen District before working in DongABank, and his classmate, Tony Fong Bin Dongbank, was invited to work.


The defendant stated that the accusation was wrong. (photo: Pham Nguyen).

According to prosecutor Susan, charges for misuse of misconduct have reached $ 40 billion. The defendant Sueen announced that about $ 40 billion was withdrawn from Cao Ngoc Huy, and the accused returned to Trans-Fian Bing on shares. However, he is not a defendant maybe Payment Show payment in Phuong Binh.

In addition, the accused Susan should not be able to come to an agreement on a rescue from a deliberate wrongful amount of 611 billion soms.

Instead, Judge Bign responded that the defendant, Bing, was fined $ 40 billion.

Tomorrow, on November 29, the trial is under way.

Juan Duy

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