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Trin Juan Thanh, the head of the department!


As reported on November 8, 1818 by VNExpress, the Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Thi Tong Khan said [1]: "… Trin Huang Thanh was searched in September 2016 after fleeing Vietnam through the Public Security Ministry." The Police Agency (S46, the Ministry of Public Security), despite the state's economic management regulations, had returned to his country for "forgiveness" after Tranx's departure. "However, the German Foreign Ministry" stole it in Germany " – Vietnam said it was "very sad".

This was the first time a representative of Vietnam, said Trin Juan Thanh "Head of animals" up to "Seek forgiveness", there is no such thing Stealing He was in Germany.

Trịnh Xuân Thanh was sentenced to two life sentences "… Vietnam's OD and Gas Group (PVN) and Vietnam's Oil and Gas Engineering Corporation (PVC) have been deliberately fraudulent and stealing property …" – According to VNExpress.

Recently Dong Thap reported [2]: "Mr. Dong Tsuong – General Director of PetroVietnam Petroleum Investment – Trading Trin Juan Than" and "… At PetroVietnam Nghe An Oil and Gas Investment Officer's office, on the 24th floor of Quang Trung Ward, Petroleum Apartment Building, Permanent Deputy Director General," We heard about it, but no formal statement was made. In the agency people always think that the general manager has come to work.

According to the newspaper The Tuareg newspaper Dung Tie, reporter Wu Tung's news – wrote: On November 21, Kwang ordered the general manager to go to Hanoi before leaving the office. "

Invisible, the Vietnamese press was officially recognized as Trinh Xuan Thanh "Fleeing abroad" Mr. Tang Cuong, with the organization.

However, the station RFCA stated [3]: "… 27/11. According to Police, the Department of Criminal Police, the Public Security Ministry, Nghe An Petroleum, Deputy Director General of Police, said police did not receive an official arrest notice from Mr. Tung's house in Gamletah, Nghi Phu Commune , Vinh City (Nghe An) House. Mr. Kwang … The "Tui-Tree" has been removed from this article on both Facebook and online newspapers.

According to the RFFA: "… On July 31, 1977, the state-run media reported that Haig Gong Trin, ex-vice president of Huang Than, appeared suddenly in the criminal division of the Public Security Ministry in Hanoi. Vietnamese agents engaged in kidnapping Mr. Tohk in Berlin on 23 July last year, which led to diplomatic tensions between Vietnam and Germany, as well as with Slovakia.

The Trinh Xuan Thanh.

Currently, Trin Juan Thanh was convicted of two fugitive charges of "escaping from abroad."

Trin Juan Than, who occupied Heng Tsuang, tried to convince other people to go abroad or to oppose the people's government. "- Art.

Thus, the Vietnamese government is in the "dilemma":

"If Trinh Xuan Thanh does not try to conceal or deny the national government from foreigners" – Article 121 The Criminal Code in 2015 to prove that Thanh "has the pardon of the party and the state." The Vietnamese authorities have no reason to condemn Hong Zouon, who accused him of guilty in Article 120. Of course, Cuong should be released, "If you do not get all the mistakes", so catching and releasing Cuong (if any) is a very important thing for the VN government! In addition, the Vietnamese government has been working in Germany for joining Nguyen Ho Long as a local and international criminals. Stealing Trinh Xuan Thanh.

Thanh can not be deprived of liberty for a term of suspension or several years, provided that Article 121 of the Criminal Code requires Tinh Huang Takhan, since Thanh is serving two sentence of death. At the same time, the Hung Cuong Street test is absolutely possible. Certainly, "Educate you to treat Cuong", and has become a very foolish task of the Vietnamese government because Thohan's wish is "understandable" and "about Germany, who lives with his wife and children". Tragedy! According to Article 120 of the Criminal Code 120, 121 of Cuong & Thanh, convicted Trinh Xuan Thanh points out that the "self-determination" was completely demolished.

Trinh Xuan Thanh and Hung Cuong will be "prisoners of conscience" (?)

Crimes committed in accordance with Article 121 of the Article 120 of the Criminal Code in XIII – "Counteraction to state security" in 2015. Most of these crimes are called "prisoners of conscience", for example, 109 (ie 79 old law), 117 (ie 88 old law).

Trinh Xuan Thanh and Hung Cuong, of course, were included in the so-called "prisoner of conscience."

This has led to many internal and international disagreements over the term "prisoner of conscience" recognized throughout the world for almost 60 years.

Hugh Tsuong and Trin Juan Thanh will always tell about how prisoners of conscience will behave when convicted of "national security". ?

How did first-time rapporteurs know how to deal with Trin Huang Thanh and Hunung Tsouon "for a national security breach" and how their violence broke out?

Foreign Affairs

Trinh Xuan Thanh, Germany, Slovakia, and others.

Recently, social media and media reported that Germany had apologized to Trin Juan Than from Vietnam and promised not to replicate EVFTA's success.

Generally, Europe and Germany, well-known for their strict laws and living culture, are extremely disciplined. Therefore, it is difficult to convince Trinh Xuan Thanh to "ignore" the Vietnamese government because three words "Precedent" can fill them with the behavior of one-party state.

In order to understand the needs of civilized people in the 21st century, participants in Trinh Xuan Thanh must know about "international law"!

Nguyen Ngoc Giaa

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