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Tuan Khong shared his storm, millions of fans are struggling with the show-life


Monday, 12/11/2018 09:30 (GMT + 7)

Most comments have ceased tickets for the Tuan Hang line.

Customers buy tickets at the gate of My Dinh Stadium

In 2018, after gaining Laos for Vietnam in the AFC Cup match, the ticket to the match with the Malaysian team at the Midian stadium promptly increased. On September 9, 9,000 tickets sold by Vietnam to Malaysia were sold only after 5 hours.

From 10.11 am, most fans (NHM) are on the queue, sleep outside My Dinh stadium, cold wind and rain, teacher Hang Dong-seo.

Apart from the pleasure of the buyers, the National Stadium saw leverage, noise, cursing and barricade in the insecurity of the security forces.

AFF Cup Tickets: Tuan Hoon's Striking Contribution, Millions of Fans Approved Fire - 1

Thai newspapers were amazed at the fact that Vietnamese fans were supporting the tickets to Malaysia

Several hours before the horrors of this ticket, Ms. Tuan Jin put a long personal face.

Singer, many of the fans who want to buy tickets to visit Vietnam with Malaysia, are happy with the players, a good sign of the organizers because "nothing happier was the audience was so hot when the tickets were not released yet."

He also noted that the number of tickets was insufficient to ensure that the audience could get tickets to the stadium outside the province.

AFF Cup ticket: Tuan Xung struggles against storm, millions of fans are fighting fierce debate - 2

AFF Cup tickets: Tuan Khung shares his voice, millions of fans admire fire - 3

The NHM scene in Vietnam was full of tickets

The male singer emphasizes the audience's factors that affect the morale of players. In many developed countries, playing soccer, the home team's fans are too bloody, and the opponents do not need to hit the ball.

Tuan Hung: "As the Vietnamese team compete, it's really the case for many women."

AFF Cup tickets: Tuan Khong with his voice, millions of fans burned - 4

AFF Cup tickets: Tuan Hoon's share, millions of fans are on fire - 6

The team leader H.A.T Tuan Jin welcomed the fans with great enthusiasm.

At the end of the post, Tuan Hung is called "vu vơ, cam" before waiting for the game. However, his articles quickly spread the opinions of friends and fans.

The IMF's acquisition of tickets to Vietnam is the most prominent feature of the concept of cultural tolerance. "This scale up to 4.0 is still selling this species, obviously, unclear, to the elderly and injured soldiers …"

AFC Cup Tickets: Tuan Hun's stormy tone, millions of fans scandalized - 7

The scene at My Dinh Stadium after selling tickets

Many other friends also shared the same viewpoints: "There are too many tickets to selling," "No country can buy a ticket for controlling events like in Vietnam."

This time, Tuan Jung is suffering from eye problems rather than on the pitch, but still on a regular basis. At the weekend, Tuan Hoon shares his pictures with friends and, unfortunately, "sticks".

AFF Cup ticket: Tuan Xung takes part in a hurricane, with millions of fans taking part in the debate - 8

Tuan Khang hit the ball just to see the eyes 4/10

"Get out of the yard with your friends". After the match, the brothers went to work as a brewery and did not meet anyone and suspected that they had suffered heavy traffic. Is there any way to cure this mentality? "He wrote.

AFF Cup ticket: Tuan Khong shares his storm, millions of fans are analyzing heat - 9

He has done many important things with the Tuan Xung team

It is known that Tuan Khung Khat has been in the club since 2013, and also wants to unite the royal sports, helping brothers and friends stay in one direction and help each other. in life.

In addition, the male singer also wants to create a unique soccer field that will make an important contribution to society.

40 years old, did Tuan Heng get a big block of hands?

The father of two who owns nearly two billion possessions is "overloaded."

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