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"Vietnam's Candidate 2018"


Thursday, 29/11/2018 16:23 (GMT + 7)

Nam Nam, Ton Tuan Kit, Nhu I, Tram Anh are highly valued by Russians, but are in the 9th episode.

Swan: "Fades of Vietnam Candidate 2018" - 1

Baths mix two bags, which is a very interesting process, which will be in spring and summer in the fashionable spring 2019.

In a recent interview Swan The Face made a short split of the 2018 Vietnam. He, as the other audience, shared an opinion on followers of the show:

Truong Thanh Long, Mid Nguyen or many other contests, or some familiar faces, such as Mac Trung Kien in South England, make no impression. In the media as well as in the audience, boldly, Russian viewers are an audience and watch the program. I still have the impression that I've always remembered the trainer, what horses were named?

Recalling the scene, Swan conducted an interview with Lan Quay on the 7th episode "to play a more important role in the nursery," suggesting that Swan's condition was "the right person at the right time." Vietnam Vietnam 2018 has featured eight episodes, but has never found anything.

Swan: Faced Candidate for Vietnam 2018 - 2

Swan: "Fades of Vietnam Candidate 2018" - 3

There is a short talk about The Face Vietnam 2018 in Swift.

Conversation about incorrect data generation. He answered that question: "Russia is looking at the identity of the brand". First, you have to act and you have to know your strength in front of your camera, and the cinema is an extra skill. Many of you have forgotten the skills of clubbing and forget about the nature of the competition: "VIDEO SEARCH". Russia still believes it is more actor than The Face.

Nevertheless, Swan has been delighted by three coaches, especially super-model Than Khan. "Thanh Hang – still a stunning symbol". When he instructed the team's team, he broke the fire and reminded me of Min Minh Tu, and he did not respect me. Thanks to the haughtiness of Thanh Khan, I sometimes started to panic. Russian gifts.

Long legs, if you join the Face group this year, Thien Nga chooses Thanh Hang as her own admiration for Minh Hang's artistic activities and her acting and advertising efforts. Because Gena Khan is full of both acting and modeling experiences.

Finally, Swan predicts and hopes the player will defeat Than Heng, Lingji Winner. However, according to him, "30 is not a Tether", because the Vo Hoang Yen team is the sponsor of the sponsoring brand, waiting for the final minute of the movie or the ending.

Swan: Faced Candidate for Vietnam 2018 - 4

During the event, Nga had the opportunity to meet "warrior" Hanh Lingh and Dong Anh Kueheh.

Allie Chen, Min Tou, Swift: Who is the sexiest woman in trousers?

The delicate faces of 3 beautiful women are more than sexually explicit photos.

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