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What is the 10 billion dollar threat in Vietnam? -Faceball


Thursday, 29/11/2013 13:02 (GMT + 7)

Vietnam is preparing to play the Philippines in 2018 at the finals of the AFF Semi-Finals. At the moment, the real team of the home team can not forget Martin Steuble.

Timur Lest's Martin Stewle's Goal (NextMedia clip, VTC)

Martin Steward – must be careful

When we talk about the Philippines, Sven-Goran Eriksson is remembered for "super-manager". Then, England forward Premier League forward Neel etherj. Alvaro Silva is estimated at 21 billion. The guard of the dollar's super-center. According to Transforum, the club's center will be estimated at 800 thousand euros, in 2018 the second place on the AFF Cup – Etheridge (3.5 million euros).

SAO Philippines Worst: Who is the 10 billion plague that threatens Vietnam? - 1

Martin Stewell was in Kansas, USA

However, not only these names in the Philippines. While struggling to overcome Vietnam, coach Eriksson has a clear plan, and there is a place for Martin Stewell. In the flip-flop legion, the rank of Steuble was much more prominent than his team's spouses. But at the professional level, Martin Steuble is the Vietnamese Tel and the coach Hang Hang Seo should be careful.

Even in the presence of Neil Etheridge or Alvaro Silva, they played only a protective role. They can be very dangerous for Viet Nam. But Martin Steuble works. The player will receive 400 thousand euro (10 billion) for the transfer of football players and the best star in the 2018 AFF Cup.

Martin Steward is a great striker halfback for the Philippines. 30 years old, with two blood – two Filipin and Swiss citizen, Steuble – Swiss football product. He has played in several European clubs and has played for Sporting Kansas City and now plays for Ceres-Negros – the Philippines's No. 1.

"Knife" in the Philippines

In the 2018 AFF Cup, Martin Steward played a relative role, but the Philippine players did not have that ability. Eredivisie Eriksson used Steuble as a defender twice and used the back side. The universality is the power of Martin Stewl's and the choice for the team's most powerful defenders.

SAO Philippines Worst: Who is the 10 billion plague that threatens Vietnam? - 2

Martin Stewell (left) can be seen as a knife in the sleeve of the Philippines

However, the starting point of Martin Steward is rare for an attacking player, creative halfbacker and Philippine football. Each time they are used in the field, Steuble immediately threatens the opponent. The only team in the group stage – Martin Steward, with Timor-Lest, giving the other side 3-2.

Therefore, the 2018 AFC Cup, the Vietnamese defender Martin Steuble, sits in the semi-finals. Whether the striker is a midfielder or a player on the left, the player has a virtual turn and great danger for each attack. Martin Stewell is no coercion to say that the Philippines is a knife.

Vietnam's semifinals of the AFF Cup, the worst in the Philippines are the leaders

The Philippines legends are the biggest fears in Vietnam in the AFF Cup.

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