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When a student is considered a "criminal" … bad thoughts


Poorly stigmatized on points

In the 6th class of Junior High School, located in the district No 1 in Xi-Minh. She fell in school, but her mother read it with a delicate mind, and I read that I did not "blind" the experience to get to the top.

At one point his son was 6.5 points to test English. She also understands that the subject is subjective, especially when the teacher exchanges with her parents for the last time, because of the good kids of the school and the class, she has asked for difficult questions. Ms. Nh. Not too bad heart, mother and daughter are still happy, let's get the experience.

But not everything is easy. The average score of 6.5 points – even a one-time test – some members of the Parent Association have been discussed with the teacher as there was no previous situation. , which affects the total value of the class. The teacher has always told me about it.

Ms. Nh. On the 20th of November, on the weekend, children will spend several days relaxing, planning to play, but after the incident they will go home and speak for the semester. Only after 6.5 you have to be very special.

"At school, parents are extremely aggressive in their work on school and teacher work and their contribution to education," says Nh. said.

Remind the bad behavior of the poor pupils who have been trained as a lesson for school administrators and teachers at Byinha High School (District of HHK). When the student has bad grades, the school reminds students and teachers of the time of these flags. The offense was not ceased here, and the school had to check the children at the birthday.

Schools have teachers' abuses, sanctions, abusive behaviors, because of their poor, poor writing, inaccuracies, inability to answer … This is harmful. on the meaning, meaning of knowledge, as well as the role of teachers in guiding them.

Homelessness from home

Not only does the pressure of the school, the teacher, the students, but the fears of their parents. In some cases, pupils ask the teacher not to beat or blame their parents for frauds or to correct the issue if their children are deprived of parental care. Many children do not compel them to leave their homes because they are not at odds with their parents.

Parents re-examine the child in accordance with paragraph 7 of the child's request for a revision to the office and rejecting the problem. The result remained unchanged, and it was curse by the teachers, the parents of the boy's "abusive parents".

Parents in Ho Chi Minh City are included in the 6th grade pupil of Tran Dai Nghia High School in Han Shi Min-Shan.

Parents in Ho Chi Minh City are included in the 6th grade pupil of Tran Dai Nghia High School in Han Shi Min-Shan.

Roundtables for students from the families of "fencing". Every year, students talk about mental illness, psychiatric hospitalization.

Some people are studying at school to understand that three high or low scores can not frustrate each person's fate or career. Sometimes these memories are unforgettable memories of school. But as adults act on their points, they affect the psychology of each child. And this is a leading factor that will make the school look awkward.

The head of the Bing-Tang high school in Hu Jing said that it's fun to say, "Every day is a happy day for school" with pressure and exams. Each student's assessment is about reading and exams, so they do not have the ability to express themselves, to be more stressful, to learn to worry. If they do not achieve satisfactory results at school, they will feel less vulnerable to stress and depression.

However, she emphasizes the behavior of each teacher, and it is important for each parent to reach the child. It can "spoil" children or feel confident in other areas.


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