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Why is it difficult to call foreign capital?

According to the preliminary feasibility study of the high-speed railway project "North-South", the total investment is about 58.71 billion tenge.

This is a large amount of capital when the state budget is difficult and it is difficult to capitalize on this project.

The project is invested in Public-Private Partnership (PPP), with a total capital of 80% (public investment in infrastructure – 0.3% – 0.55% of GDP, about 10% of equal infrastructure investment).

The state is obliged to compensate for losses from 10 to 12 years

According to the preliminary feasibility study of the Consultative Group, a high-speed railway project in the north-south direction is the starting point of the Hanoi Railway Station, and the latter is Thu Thiem Station (HCM). The project runs through 20 oblasts and cities with a total length of 1,545 km, two routes – 1,435mm, 24 stations and 3 possible planning stations, 5 warehouses, 42 infrastructures.

At the first stage, the Hanoi Railway Station continues with the railway station # 1 in Hanoi (14 km in length). In the future, when the demand is high, the city railroad can not satisfy the demand for high-speed trains, and the high-speed train stops at Ngoc Hoi station.

The cost of the project is 58.71 bln. It's a dollar. In particular, the first phase was completed in 2032 with Hanoi – Wyn ($ 13.97 billion) and Nha Tang – Hanoi segments. HCM (about $ 13.37 billion). Other links Vinh – Nha Trang began in 2035 and ended in 2050.

The Ministry of Transport plans to complete a preliminary feasibility study for the Government in October 2019 to submit to the Government a Government proposal for approval to the National Assembly in October 2019.

If approved by the National Assembly, it will prepare the feasibility study for the 2020-2025, technical design and site clearance and will start construction in 2026. Priority section all test) in 2032; Continue to build the remaining sections starting from 2035 and try to complete the entire route by 2050.

The project is invested in Public Private Partnerships (PPP), with a total capital of 80% (public investment in infrastructure – 0.3% – 0.55% of GDP, about 10% of equal infrastructure investment); Investors mobilize about 20% of the total project capital to purchase equipment and capital for the entire group. The economic effect reached 7.5%, the financial efficiency reached 1.9% (the effectiveness of private equity reached 14%).

The Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Ngoc Dong organized the Ministry of Transport for the final report on the preliminary feasibility study for the high-speed railway project "North-South". In addition to the $ 58,71 billion spent on construction, the state must first provide maintenance costs for up to 10 years to buy the expected equipment.

It is important to revise the investment stages

According to Vice Minister Nguyen Ngoc Dong, there are significant investment funds, and investors in the country can not invest in infrastructure. It is impossible for foreign investors to invest in long-term investment and capital reinforcement that require state support.

According to Nguyen Ngoc Dong, there is no specific risk sharing mechanism, especially during operation. How do investors worry about the state intervention, when the number of passengers decreases? In addition, foreign investors invest in foreign currency to accumulate national currency, but who does not have an exchange rate mechanism or if the land is slower? To whom

According to the forecast of the infrastructure development scenario, by 2030, 2031 will not satisfy the demand, if there is no new type of traffic, road and airfields, according to estimates of investment attraction for the project at the seminar, former Vice Minister of Transport, Professor La Ngoc Huis. High-speed rail investments are needed, but the investment disparity, the financial efficiency of the project economy, the capability of capital should be carefully considered. Need to calculate whether the $ 58.71 billion investment is good or not? Has this investment been reasonable? Also, it is good to look at the end of 30-40 years of investment, which is too long, and some private investors worry that the investment period is too long.

Speaking at the seminar, Dr. Wu Hoa Nam (University of Transport), in Vietnam, the government needs to look at the project because the state has a debt of $ 58.71 per 100 per cent and this amount exceeds the public debt, the principal amount and annual paid Interest is too high, which puts pressure on the economy.

According to Hai Quan

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