Thursday , August 18 2022

2 more cholera die in CT


The Herald

Municharades Mousya and Sibon Marouta
The mysterious explosion at Mt Darwin lasted two more people on Wednesday night. This situation has increased the number of deaths from the disease up to four.

The first victim was reported on Sunday for the first time, and the other patient was admitted on Tuesday in MT. He died in Darwin district hospital.

The provincial governor of the Civil Defense Office, Cosmos Chirin, has confirmed the death of an administrator of the central Provincial Provincial Provincial Administration. According to him, a viral treatment camp is planned to be built in the MV, and the province is still mobilizing resources for it.

Mrs. Chirina has appealed to the corporate world and other stakeholders to help the province and prevent the spread of the disease in other areas.

According to district health worker George Mayian, tests have shown that the disease is a cholera and is now waiting for sensitive tests to identify the appropriate medicines for them.

According to Dr. Mayian, the number of cases has reached 79.

"We can confirm that we have cholera, because our tests have shown that this is a cholera," he said. We now make critical tests that lead to the type of medication to be treated.

"The number of victims has reached 79, and four people have died.

"The district will open a camp for cholera in Mukaraidhi district. Patients are isolated.

The World Health Organization has announced that it will assist the Government in establishing health and wellness camps in this area.

The damaged area is a mining community where sixteen untapped craftsmen from MTS are involved in gold mining in Darwin and other areas.

There are no clear water sources or toilets in the area, and open defecation is widespread.

The government has evacuated those who have been working in the mining region in the near future.

However, the craftsmen objected to their miners and returned to the region. Last week, thanks to the rainy weather, the cholera appeared.

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