Tuesday , October 4 2022

Anthony Martial knows Jose Mourinho's mistakes after Manchester United


Тmost importantly, fighting only 22. Although seasons of the year Morinho was angry, "United" preceded the precedent. Kevin De Beauren chose Chelsea under Mourinho and initially borrowed Mohamed Salah. Both were similar to combat attacks, but Mourinho survived and tested players. Casual "United" would be equal if he did not leave, and not just "Spurs", it would not be a club shortage.

He scored five goals in six games, and Marcela plays a lot better. Perhaps, Mourinho's perspective might have worked, but he seems to have softened his position.

"It was a difficult job with people such as Luke Shaw and Anthony Martiale, as it is the process to reach the level of talented players," Mourinho said. You will not like Manchester City at any time. "Transforming talented professional players, stability, productivity is a very difficult job. So it was restored, yes.

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