Friday , October 7 2022

Bulawayo lives in the war against Chiefs Highlanders



Allen Humalo, sports reporter
When the BULAWAYO leaders meet Sunday at Barbourfield Stadium, they attack the Highlanders team, which can have a great impact on their rivalry.

The attackers were forced to drop Negozi Platinum in the last match 0-2 loss.

They are 13th with 38 points.

Amahosi is well-known as the head, as he is forced to move the mountains because they meet Bozer, a young man who remembers Harare City with a 2-0 score last week. In the first match, the leaders defeated Hileler with a score of 1: 0 and hoped to double the giants in Madinda Ndlovu.

If the bailiffs can not resist the Heilzans, the circumstances are required against the ZPC Kariba during the last appointment of the season. In the first match, ZPC lost the Kariba team with a 0-2 score.

Bulawayo Chiefs technical analyst Tulane knows about this task in Sibanda.

"This game is all about possible, but our goal is to try and compress one point. We know that we know pressure to avoid problems, and children know what is dangerous, "said Sibanda.

Despite the defeat of some major teams in the league, Sibanda said he would not pay attention to the cloud.

"In some cases you think we have a great victory against big teams, but we've lost the reverse attacks," said Sibanda.

The fate of Shabanie Mine, Mutare City Rovers and Bulawayo City, Nigour, Chapung, Bulawayo Chiefs, and Yadah fought to get rid of all the confrontations.

He scored 33 points, Chapung scored 37 points, and Jade won 39 points. Mathematically, Yada is safe from the 39-pad, but it should ensure that it does not get scratched. – @Humzallen.

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