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Buying a new phone every year is really foolish


2019 showed some great phones. 5G is now the official thing, the screen is now a fingerprint sensor, and painting works like magic. The passion for getting one of them is very strong, especially when we are holding our current phone and seeing it does not have a new car smell. Here's a foolish idea – the possibilities we want will be there next year, and our phone will do whatever it wants at first.

New phones are fun and can be valuable to them. But your phone is still working well.

This may be an unusual comment on the smartphone enthusiast site, and I feel completely different from people who work hard to show these new phones, but you do not need to buy a new phone every year.

We know a person who is holding a four-five-year-old phone and will now be using it until it is shut down. I am amazed at the decision, but most of us know that we can not be that way enthusiasts (read: unnecessary repairs needed) and forever in the technology world. But if you have Pixel 3 or Note 9 or OnePlus 6T, you can sit out this year and just get better. Save some money that you can buy for other money.

It can not be said that 2019 will bring some (or will not bring to the fore because Google likes to keep up to the end). Design enhancements – hardware and software – everywhere, and things you want to get your smartphone are better this year than last year. I'm not trying to say that these improvements are not necessary. I am i we do not appreciate it when the phone we spend a lot of money last year is obsolete.

Of course, this is not always the case. If you want to offer all the Galaxy S phones but want to hate the rounded display, S10e is a god. If you have a Pixel 2 XL and the display has been pushed into your eyes, then you should buy Pixel 3 XL even with that mark. OnePlus moved to the battle for the robot camera. Huawei has the same camera and its awesome AI. If you find something you really want to see, you may want to buy a new phone. The only right and wrong is something you can do. Because I'm just a new thing, the update is usually wrong. Fight with me.

If you have success, your employer will buy your phone. Enjoy this fun!

If your employer purchases your phone, or if you have a reasonable deal on your carrier that has a new hat in your hat, remove it from the window. But if you do not, think about what you can do with that money in one minute. Let's call the average cost of a new flagship phone at $ 800. Every year, every year, purchasing a new phone saves $ 4,000 over 10 years. Do you enjoy an additional $ 4,000 for purchasing a new phone every year? Or you would like to buy it filling with that money? I want to buy some diamonds or something.

I'm happy with my current phone and the money I'm saving for without being updated.

I'm not immune to it, but I'm really behind. Last year, I received Pixel 3 from the company, and this year the company will receive Pixel 4. For me, someone needs me and I do not pay, so whenever a new model arrives, I take it with pleasure. But I'm very glad to have another phone, so I need to offer KEY3 before BlackBerry sends me money. Everything you like when you are new to me is still something to be desired, and if the new or the two functions are awesome, you need to cool it down to justify upgrade costs. In most cases, I can not see the reason for phone manufacturers now.

Perhaps we have reached the highest level of smartphone or phone makers every year. As far as I know, Note 10 or Pixel 4, I do not see any reason to disable the preferred work phone in 2018, no matter how incredible it may seem. Be happy. This is really important.

Good for two years

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