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Can the iPad Pro replace your laptop? Think of the 3


Apple wants you to consider that iPad Pro is a laptop, but not yet the Not-So-Little tablet. Certainly, Apple has got the latest iPad with the A12X smartphone, but iOS is still far from full desktop operating systems, because some Apple solutions protect Apple from encrypted and harmful programs.

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I believe in two days new iPad Pro As my main computer. Although I can write most of this article on a new 12.9-inch tablet, I've made some very serious barriers. How the IPad Pro worked for three professionals as a laptop replacement, as well as on a daily basis using Apple's trunks (or at least try to use it).

Getting started

I was planning to spend the day using the iPad only, but first hit my first morning job. I updated this news The Best Textbooks and Electronic Readers Several Web Buttons Button, Chrome, or Firefox Focus are not visible in the Web Publishing System.

Why did not tablet browsers control Apple's own WebKit support mechanism? Of course, the Content Management System (CMS) we use is not up-to-date but those buttons appear when you use a Web Browser in any desktop operating system.

Can-iPad-replace-Laptop-004And this failure is just the tip of the iceberg. My job is to use browsers' plugin and iOS was created only for an Apple Approved Approach because no plugin or extension – my productivity will turn into a disability through iPad browsers.

According to my next assignment, I succeeded in gaining a new article on a laptop in a successful text editor. However, I have opened another CMS that I use to post content to this site. Regardless of whether I have turned the OpenVPN into a VPN, we have used it for CMS, and the pages have been dropped from any web browser.

But if I entered one of these CMS pages, I would have had another problem. iOS does not support rich text, so you have to export it to HTML, which is not a text editor (not Google Docs). And while my favorite Bear text editor is exported through HTML, it only exports HTML files and does not allow the document's HTML code to be placed on the clipboard.

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That day, I opened the Google Docs on the iPad to see the editors for the article. Unfortunately, I've come across the disadvantage of Google Docs, which I've seen on the previous iPhone: a duplicate app crashed.

I do not know why Google Docs fails because I clicked several times to accept changes, but Google Docs brought me to the original screen. Oh, and do not try to get Google Doc into the Google Chrome mobile browser – Google's Chrome Web Browser. The document is displayed as one invalid page of the text.

Can-iPad-replace-Laptop-003Out of the office, iPad felt a little capable of replacing the laptop. I've been able to split the slate screen with Safari and Things 3 (my optional productivity) to plan the next trip to Los Angeles. And this big panel gave you a great opportunity to watch the climatic fight between YouTube and the Black Panther, Challa and Killmonger on YouTube.

But I got a warning about the new song by a musician / producer, Rocky Romero. After buying Bandcamp songs, I used the device I did not support download, so I said I did not join the iCloud music library. My kid? Listen to the Bandcamp application that is not optimized for iPad. If I were on a laptop, the MP3 file I purchased was on my desktop.

Work on iPad

When I say on Twitter that I want to hear the success stories on the iPad, I have received an answer Sebastian Sánchez.

Sanchez, working on developing logistics operations, said he was tired of keeping American loungards in the air for 10 years. He chose it 10.5 inch iPad Pro (2017) can become its new daily driver because it has an iCloud integration and sees "a portable, reliable, and lightweight device that provides battery performance."

In this sense, I get the full iPad Pro, which lasts for 13 hours 14 minutes with a laptop cell battery test. Also, the stability and security of iOS virtually inflame any platform.

As for Sanchez software applications, Sack, Excel, Mail, Skype, PowerPoint, Notes and Files for Business have turned off showing that they are using iCloud, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive files. It is also not afraid to use the wheels on the HDMI connector for the keys.

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Sanchez also ran to one of the most frustrating moments in my life: "I had to study and not have a mouse now," he said. "It's been about a day [get] he tries to get rid of the tick that searches for the mouse next to the screen, "he says." But I feel it's a success, "he said.

When explaining to Sanchez that he had trouble loading the iPad, he explained why he was successful (and maybe why he failed). "When I got an iPad, I realized how much I did with my iPhone," he says, replacing the laptop with a "super smooth transition" on the iPad. [the] the same gesture and experience, [but] larger screen ".

But 2017 when it comes to iPad Pro Sanchez, 2018 says that iPad Pro is "compulsory upgraded" because it is the same experience, iPhone XS.

iPad and benefits

But for every luck, as we have heard from Bradley Chamberson, there is a conversation Brainerd Baptist School In the state of Tennessee.


Remember how easy it is to learn iPad because Sanchez works on the phone? The Chambers said it was not good: "I love iOS, but iOS is mostly a burst version of the iPhone on the iPad, and there are, for example, several iPads, but it's not enough. «

"The iPad participant who has been using it since the 1st day," Chambers said, "Why did Apple and Apple find out if Windows and Google could do a single device for tablet and computer computing?

Camera starts with $ 799 for IPad Pro. The fact is that the iPad Pro is really awesome and its sharp display and the new pencil is awesome, though, Chambers, "Does not Google Docs Run In A Web Browser?"

As I said, "I have something like web content administrator (my school), they can not do it on iOS", and I also found work restrictions and Chambers. And when you can work it in rare cases? The Chambers said, "They may take twice as much time as possible."

Why not use both?

One of the most popular iPad-maker, Myke Hurley, is a co-founder FM relay podcast network and my fight-podcast partner. Hori describes time with the iPad as "from the beginning over and over again."

As a self-guided "pen and paper fighter," Harry returned to the Apple Pencil for the first time in 2015, the iPad (the first 12.9-inch version).

An exclusive, large-screen IOS screen, Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil combine Horli "a complete package that does not know what's needed.

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He said that he likes iPad Pro for "lots of administration and communications" … I write, send people messages, email and social media. " But that's not all his work. So it's not entirely Apple tablet.

Due to the limitations on iOS, the only things that do not work on the iPad are processing text and footage. According to Horley, "over half of my business is owned by iPad Pro," but "the actual time spent on these devices is different, because production of podcasts takes time."

Horli's excitement for the future of iOS is his Icons, which he called "big deal". According to him, "it will help the bridge to bridge the gap between operating system applications and inside".

What is left to add Apple?

According to Harley, Apple was "better off than ever to improve iOS," and said "it can not see the underpants when it comes to hardware hardware."

He said, "iOS-13 can only be seen when using the hardware."

Sanchez also has a list of wishes: "For iPad, Excel can include very important features from the desktop, with the ability to create basic tables and make complex charts." FaceTime says iPad likes FaceTime support for sharing the screen.

To solve specific challenges, Chambers said that the Safari desktop full-featured version and … touchpad / mouse support included in the iPad.

I agree with Chambers about the need for iOS version of iOS. According to his suggestions, I like the next version of iOS to fit the home screen layout and its command center to the big screen on the slide. Unless this happens, the iPad tablet screen will be displayed with 4 x 5 icons and an invisible dock with each other.

Plus, the iPad Pro is connected to a screen-rotating desktop monitor. If the iPad extends the second screen that matches the external display and is not visible with the large black bars on the left and right, it will not be funny.

If you think that Apple should be protected from the threat of a particular Web browser, the company can overwrite the system advantage that includes this option alert. Apple Pro Mode – Normal for Windows without S Mode 10 – iPad Pro can continue a long way to consider buying.

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