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Colson comes with Cassie's family?


Colton has a story with Cassie's family. When it was still there Bachelorshe asked each of her fathers to take their daughters and asked them to accomplish that goal. Cassie's father, famous, did not give Colton his blessing. At her daughter's birthday, she thought she was not interested in Colton. As we went to the show's final, Cassie's father fled to Portugal to talk with his daughter about Colton. He made a final decision to quit the show (but Cassie said later that it was a choice). The last time we saw that Kolton and Cassie's father were good friends. As it was before BachelorCan she now come closer to her daughter?

Cassie and Kolton Getty Images by Lou Rocco / ABC
Cassie and Kolton Getty Images by Lou Rocco / ABC

Cassie said, "love for her!"

"I enjoy a relationship with Cassie's family," Colton said.

As Cassie said BachelorAs you can see in Instagram, Cassie is very close to the family. She often takes photos and videos of the Randolph family together and deals with them. Today, these photos and videos include Colton.

Colton Cassie Coming Together With His Father?

Although not on the right foot, Colton's Cassie did not have a serious feeling for his father, and his former Bachelor His blessing.

"Looking back, I understand where it comes from. "I met you for 30 minutes and had a conversation, you are a good guy, but I love my daughter, and I know who my daughter is." Of course, I wanted to hear "yes", but because of the fact that she was right, she showed me I needed to know about her. I respect him very much, "said Colton.

Colton even told Cassie's father about the current relationship of the couple since the show ends.

"I did not even say [her father]"Your daughter deserves it," he said, "and I tried to explain it as much as possible.

Cassie returns to his father in Portugal

"Before my dad came, I think I knew what to do. I was not in contract. But visiting him helped me to handle everything and discuss it. I respect all my family and what they have said, but not my father, it was my decision, "said Cassie.

You can see that Cassie and her father are very close in Portugal. Cassie's father flew to Portugal to help her feel more confident and help her make a big decision. Also, Cassie would have needed family approval when she heard that her father never gave her blessing on Colton and that she had really abandoned her because her family was unlikely.

The way of love is not always smooth. Despite all the people in Portugal, the jump leaping, and all today, Colton and Cassie are very fond of and very happy.

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