Tuesday , August 16 2022

Covington scores have ended with a score of 128-89 as Timberwolves


Minneapolis (AP) – Robert Covington has won 21 points, Karl-Anthony and Derrick Rose 16, Minnesota Timberwalls San Antonio Spurs in the night with 128-89 at night.

Minnesota (11-11) has won its fourth tournament since October 31 for the first time to reach 500 meters. Tak Gibson scored 13 points, and Joz Okogy scored three points in 12 points.

Minnesota has scored against San Antonio in the last 15 to 14, but has dropped the "Sprister" by 39.5 percent.

This is not Tim Duncan's, Tony Parker's and Manu Ginobili's Spur, and much more Timberwolf's defense is not the same.

The Minnesota team was up to 48 in the history of the team for the biggest victory in San Antonio. Timberwolves limited the 15th one-quarter defense quarter to the ninth quarter in the history of "Sport".

Jakob Poeltl was the smartphone leader with 14 points, and Marco Bellinelli was added 11.

Covington, Dério Sarich, Jerré Bayses, and Minnesota, after preparing for the second round, traded with Almaz Jimmy Butler.

Wolves have broken the open game with a score of 17-2, as of the beginning of the second quarter, mainly by the second unit on the floor. In the first half of Minnesota, 57-34 years old, San Antonio shows the lowest number of this season.


Spam: LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan each scored 10 points and was the only one in double figures. … Fo Pau Ghazol is not defined by the stress stress on the left. 17 year veteran has missed his 12th tournament; Despite his illness, he has recently worked in the court. "Then they removed it because they thought it was a stressful fracture," says coach Gregg Popovic. "That's not what they tell me, so I do not know the secret," he said. Gasol has 6.6 points of rubber and 6.1 bonds. . Spurs made up 19 top seasons.

Timberwolzs: The greatest wrestler against San Antonio was 24 times, last time in 2013. Ogogia opened the fourth quarter of the crowd and the wolves' stands up and down.


Halfback: Friday against Houston.

Timberwolves: Saturday Host Boston.

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