Sunday , April 2 2023

Cyclone Idai killed 140 people in Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe


Croatia, Zimbabwe (Egypt) – Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi have killed about 150 people, lost hundreds, lost tens of thousands of roads and telephones.

The Idai Cyclone, which has suffered more than 1.5 million people in three South African countries.

The worst is the central port of Beiras, Mozambique, with an airport-bound, no electricity and many houses. Beirut stormed on Thursday, moved west to Zimbabwe and Malawi, affecting thousands of people, especially eastern regions in Mozambique.

Houses, schools, businesses, hospitals and police have been destroyed by a cyclone. Thousands suffered from floods, but only cared for their lives and abandoned their possessions to seek higher security.

U.N. agencies and the Red Cross are helping rescue operations, including delivery of food and medicine to helicopters in South African countries.

According to the President of Mozambique Philip Newzhi, the damage is "very dangerous" and according to the state radio of Mozambique, flooding has made the plane flying and rescue operations difficult.

The government has killed 31 people in Zimbabwe. Deaths are often found in Cimaniman, Zimbabwe, on the eastern frontier of Mozambique famous for tourists. According to government spokesman Nick Mangwawa, none of the tourists have been sentenced to death.

According to him, the roads and bridges were destroyed and the rescue operations of military, government and non-governmental organizations slowed down.

The dead were among dozens of children who were in the dormitory after the fall of the mountain, including students from the two schools, "said Mangawa. Zimbabwe's army is trying to save 197 students in school, but dangerous circumstances force the soldiers to concentrate on the ground rather than the air strike.

State television in Zimbabwe, ZBC, reported missing 150 people.

"We get sad news from the earthquake of some people. We call for endurance as a means of salvation, "Zimbabwean news agency quoted him as saying, however, that fewer warnings could be achieved in the affected areas that could reduce power and communications.

People in Malawi were "second in danger of flooding after the cyclone," said the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The South African Army sent ships and 10 medical personnel to help in Mozambique and Malawi, reported Saturday.

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