Sunday , August 7 2022 restores all client passwords after a cyber attack: the statement – Tech News


NEW YORK: Dell Inc. announced on November 28 that five days after detected the hackers who attempted to steal passwords from customers on the 14th of November at the online store electronics store.

The developer of the computer did not tell the clients about the attack when it was forced to reset the password, according to the person who knew the violation.

In the Dell statement, on November 9, the company identified and ceased the hackers who violated their network and attempted to steal consumers' data. Investigators have found no evidence that hackers will succeed, but they did not rule out the possibility of stealing some data, the company said.

They have just searched the client's name, e-mail address and passwords, says Dell.

It can be seen that companies are becoming increasingly regulated by regulators around the world for quick and accurate disclosure of customer identity theft. In May, the European Union will pay 20 million euros (RM95.37miles) or 4% of global income, whichever is higher.

Dell found that there were no legal requirements disclosed in this case, but relied on the "client trust".

Dell declined to comment on how many accounts were affected, but no payment information and Social Security numbers.

Dell reported this to the US law enforcement agencies.

Representatives of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation were unable to provide immediate comments. – Reuters

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