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More than 5,000 passengers used 71% of the power in Zulfiya (NRZ) for the first five days after being rebuilt at Bulawayo Railway Station.

People have landed at the Railway Station as it leaves the Cowdray Park neighborhood near the main railway station Bulawayo
People have landed at the Railway Station as it leaves the Cowdray Park neighborhood near the main railway station Bulawayo

Two weeks ago, the State Railway Company introduced a train to City-Cowdray Park and responded by the commercials.

The NRZ statement said that "the company responded to passengers' requests filled with the switching commissar, charging about $ 2 at the peak when traveling to the city."

"National Railways in Zimbabwe were pleased to note that this traveler had a positive impact on society's return to Bulawayo. More than 5,000 passengers were in the first five days of City Train City Cowdray Park, "said Nyasa Maravaniica, NRZ Public Relations Manager.

There are seven trainers in each trainer with 100 passengers on the pedestrian train.

The train took over 300 passengers.

"On Monday, November 5, 309 passengers were on the train. The evening return trip was up to 350. On Tuesday morning 532 people were in the morning and 537 in the evening, "Maravaniika said.

On November 7th, the 7th of November was the highest patronage of the week, according to NRZ, planted 743 passengers.

"In the evening, the train carried 486 passengers. On Thursday morning, 618 passengers were served and 489 dinners were served. On Friday, 607 passengers have arrived at 334 by night train.

According to Mr. Maravanic, the passenger train has stuck to its schedule, saving the time of departure and departure.

Early morning train departure departs at 4:05 am at Bulawayo station and arrives at Cairndra park at 05:30 am. Then, at 5:35, he goes on his return journey and arrives at Bauaui station for 7 hours.

Dinner service departs from Bulawayo Station at 5.30 PM and goes to Esigodweni at 18.50. She goes to return at 18:55 and arrives at the city at 8:15.

The train will carry out two services each morning from Monday to Friday, and the flight will charge 50 cents for a one-off flight, and the passenger tariff will be reduced to at least 30 cents.

The only free tickets are cash disbursements and can be purchased at the time of purchase or on board the train.

Switches can also purchase 10 tickets for 4 passengers. Many of your travel tickets can be purchased at the Bulawi station or through EcoCash.

Mr Maravanièque noted that the NRZ was satisfied with how convenient the route was and helped to train the train from its train.

"In addition, the passenger trains on the industrial sites want to get out of the former Cowdray Park, so there is a lot of time to go to their jobs," he said.

"However, when arriving at the time of departure, NEM will try to balance the interests of earlier passengers and the working hours of many companies starting from the traditional 8th business day." Chronicle

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