Tuesday , August 16 2022

In order to stop Ebola, the Congo is fighting against malaria in Africa


Health workers on Wednesday launched a four-day blitz battle in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to fight malaria.

"This is much easier than migraine can be removed from the equation," said the headquarters of the World Health Organization, Stefan Heuer, the epicenter of the Ebola epicenter.

Beni, the city of North Kivu, has struggled with the most severe Ebola in the history of the Congo, and has been eight times more likely to have malaria cases since last year.

Children who go to malaria medical centers are infected with Ebola and only half of the people in Ebola center are malaria. If malaria decreases, health care providers can concentrate on specific Ebola patients and take care of others.

Ebola killed 240 people in July, and since July more than 400 have been infected.

It is spread through contact with body fluids and symptoms: vomiting, blood and diarrhea.

The worst in the world – from 2014 to 2016 killed more than 11,000 people in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Congo is the worst country in the world in terms of malaria, after Nigeria, Hoeer says there are no swinebearers in the fight against conflicts and diseases in Kivu, the eastern province of eastern provinces.

Malaria can usually be diagnosed by rapid blood tests, but awareness of Ebola should be based on an assessment of symptoms.

This usually happens to be 2,000 times a week, but it does not reach eight times.

On Wednesday, health workers have been coming home from door to door for four days in Beni, planning to deliver mosquito nets and marijuana to 450,000 people.

Purpose – to prevent people who have malaria in the short term with other people, to release resources to concentrate on a serious illness.

"We can assume that Ebola's suspicious events will be reduced by at least two times," Hoyer told Thomson Reuters.

During fever in West Africa in 2014, people in the malaria were filling the Ebola treatment centers in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone.

Modern anti-malaria campaign is based on a model that has been implemented in Sierra Leone, says WHO.

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