Sunday , May 22 2022

Kirstin's racist attack, a greeting to a white player playing


Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Entertainment Kirsti Coventry fired on the part of the public on charges of racism. The attacker began when he announced his former captain Brendan Taylor's call to congratulate the team for the first time in five years in Zimbabwe. Coventry, written on Twitter

I received a nice interview with @ BrendanTaylor86 to send a greeting to my cricket team. They are so absorbed that they have to be! Like our athletes, like our artists and musicians, it is important to have the best position, so they can perform in every corner! Working with it.

It was not good for Coventry, some of the blocks that had chosen to call the other captain, Hamilton Masakadze, who had been featured on their own. However, others were much more limited, and doubts about the simplicity of controlling the golden girl in Zimbabwe was apt. Some of the responses to the Minister's Twitter were:

Why @ BrendanTaylor86 is captain of his maskedness .. [email protected] color discrimination

He is a racist … You are a racist man … We know Captain Sir Hamilton Masakadze, Chevron Captain. This is not Brandon Taylor's son. – GA Matsin to @ g_madzinga

He knows what he thinks of a kind of misunderstanding between money and the white. Hummy feels the idea that he did not even congratulate the Chairman of the Central Committee, but he congratulates the Caucasus, which is racist … It is so encouraging that he is also engaged in the same group of bandwits as David Coltart. u – It's a pity – Ryan Manuel @ RyanMan35712463

The Secretary of the Protocol shall be assigned to the Loan Officer, the Man of the Match, the Vice-Captain and the Team. Not private conversations, it does not use it if it does not apply it privately. – Soko Murehwa @ MurehwaSoko

Was this a personal chat or official? Because if Captain Hamilton Masakadze was officially recognized as the best. – Jackilo @ imamgivy

Kirsty calls Masakadza. He is Captain. This is your first mistake so you can read more about racism – Tinashe @ Andronicus95

It's great! However, I'm sure you have talked to Captain @ Hamilton McCain2 as the team leader. Ismail Mazorodze @IshmaelMaz

Racism. Unexpected thing for the minister – Cliff Mullingva @CMulingwa

Later, he received a phone call from Kirta Masakadze and invited him to congratulate him.

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