Saturday , April 1 2023

LEAK: The statistics for the Flintlock pistol runs


The Flintlock pistol runs this week over V8.10 updates, and now we have more information about the pistol.

Flintlock pistol In the early 8th of June, on the 8th of June, we were attacked by Blackhearts as the weapon showed (how surprised you are to miss it):

Fortnite Flintlock Weapon Armored
Fortnite Flintlock Weapon Armored

In the picture other objects included in the game, including the treasure hunt, and recently the ballet "Ballerina".

The official launch date of the Flintlock weapon is unknown, but you can see this weapon that updates the content next week. There was not much information about this weapon when we examined the weapon. However, thanks to Storm Shield One we know the possible variants and statistics of the weapon.

The Storm Shield web site lists the weapon at "Flint-Knock" and has two versions, common and not frequent. According to statistical data, this is a generic weapon, the general version deals with 86 damages, and the simplest version deals with 90 damage with a 3.045 second faster reboot time than the 3.19 second speed. The rifle is heavily shattered and should be reloaded after each shot.

You can see a complete list of weapons below:

Statistics of weapons of general use
Statistics of the Flinklock Weapon general
Flintlock unusual version statistics
Flintlock unusual version statistics

Weapons are partly co-ordinated on June 8, and, as seen in promotional art, are perfectly suited for the Battle Pass skins, especially Blackheart, from June 8th.

There is nothing officially as it is leaking, and these statistics may vary from official statistics to weapons.

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