Monday , January 30 2023

MAC Alliance will again stop the mayor of Walsall


MG Alliance recently restored the mayor of Victoria, the adviser, Somvelo Dlamini, who led the party to violate other protocols and violate the party.

In the letters of suspension on November 6, Mogolisi Ndlovi did not refer to the special accusation signed by Matabelland, secretary of the party.

Last month, the regional executive committee of the Nelson Chemis led party, Kler Dlamini, was forced to make a final decision as she did not attend the ceremony.

Clinton Dlamini handed the letter yesterday.

The National Organizing Committee, the District and Security Committees, read the following letter: "Suspension of Party Operations at the 9th Corps Counsel and Victorian City and Vorld 9 Building.

In view of the foregoing, this communiqué informs you that your party has been terminated due to the above-mentioned obligations at the immediate expiration date.

Therefore, it is expected that you will be brought to the provincial executive committee in accordance with section 3.6.1 of the constitution of the party and hear the charges under section 3.6.3 of the present constitution. «

Klim Dlamini's accusation was that he had opposed the party's decree that had to be held as a deputy of the party's mayor and had left the city administration a priority because Ward Clarm Margaret Warli 1.

Yesterday's spokesman, Dr Nculeuko Sibanda, called the competition of Victoria Falls as "competition competition".

He accused Claire Dlamini of failing to comply with the party procedure when he was elected mayor of the party.

Dr. Cibanda asked, "Because they are complaining about the election process because they know they have one candidate."

"Nominations were not contested when they were called, but the opposition forced our advisers to vote for Dlamini."

Dr. Cibanda Khamisa said that they did not select candidates and tried to implement democracy.

According to him, the selection process did not satisfy the interests of the population, but they had personal interests.

"In Victoria Falls, we had all stakeholders who needed participation in the selection process, but the community has decided not to participate because it suspects they are working closely with our competition, so they refused to participate in the process," he said. .

Victoria Fleetwood has promised residents to support Clear Dlamini, as some consultants are planning to drop for their own interests.


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