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Magnus Carlsen v Fabiano Caruana: The World Chess Championship is over – alive! | Sport


3. 7 breaks

3.7.1.а If the points are in the 12 (12) after the game, then four (4) breaks will be played after the new color scheme is released. The games will be played on every player for an electronic clock starting 25 minutes with a 10-second step after each step

3.7.1.b All the bomber games are performed according to:

1. The World Championship Technical Regulations (Annex 1) shall be governed by the exceptions, except for the ones mentioned in the Game (2), (3) and (4). 2. Players do not need to write games. The arbitrator writes the movement. 3. The motion player shall terminate the watch and enter the Arbitrator account and if his next step is repeated three times in accordance with Article 9.2a of the Technical Regulation or Rule 50.5 of the Technical Regulation, paragraph 9.3a of the Technical Regulations, it shall record the prediction on the record and, If necessary, draw a draw. The Player may request the drawings in accordance with Articles 9.2b and 9.3b of the Technical Regulation. If the claim is found to be correct, the game ends immediately. If the complaint is incorrect, the Arbitrator will add two (2) minutes to the remainder of the opponent and the game will continue with the targeted step pursuant to Article 4 of the Technical Regulations. A maximum of two (2) correct claims can be made for the player. If a player makes a third (third) improper claim, the arbitrator publishes a lost game for that player. 4. If violations of the discipline described in Article 5 of the Technical Regulation are followed by discipline, complaint, time loss, stigma, triple repetition or any other method, no violation of claims shall be made (violations of hours and all other details) Article 7 of the Technical Regulation).

3.7.2 If there are points after the game specified in Article 3.7.1a, after the new color scheme is released, 5 minutes of each game will be played and 2 game matches will be played in 3 seconds. If there is a level, another 2 matches will be played to determine the winner. If there are no winners after 5 matches (only 10 games), then a sudden death match will be played, as described in 3.7.3.

3.7.2.b The penalties referred to in Articles 7 and 9 of Annex 1 to the "World Championship Technical Regulations" in blasting games referred to in 3.7.2 shall take one (1) minute instead of two (2) minutes.

3.7.3 Players who are still in the game after the five matches listed in Article 3.7.2 still have a chance to participate. The player who won the lottery can choose the color of the player. With the white pieces, the player takes 5 minutes, and the black player gets 4 minutes, and after the 60th step two players will rise to 3 seconds from the 61st start. black pieces were announced as winners.

3.7.4 Any interruptions between the meetings should not exceed 10 minutes, except for a decision to deprive a prisoner of conscience.

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