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NEPI Robert Robert Robert Robert Robertson Accused Of Charging Into Romania


Nietzsche-Rockkassel registered the biggest downturn in Johannesburg after Johannesburg's Johannesburg and Amsterdam-based real estate bribes in Romania. The company does not accept all statements that state as "fantastic".

The share price dropped by 16 percent, and Fortress, another fortress registered in Johannesburg, with a 24 percent share in Neptune, fell to 15 percent.

For the first time in Romania the report appeared.

NEPI Rockastle says that Viceroy has not commented on the company and has had no opportunity to make a statement before the Vicerai Reports, based on a number of factual errors, fraudulent reports, and false statements.

The Company has consistently demonstrated its commitment to its stakeholders and its financial information has been prepared in accordance with legal requirements and good practice.

NEPI will take steps to provide information that is misleading to any party.

Viceroy appeared before the end of 2017 when he made a report on Steinhoff International. The Romanian subsidiary of Nepal has claimed about EUR 41 million in 2017 despite the fact that the company has reached € 284.8 million.

Experts responded to the NEPI Rockastle statement: "Our data is derived directly from NEPI materials, government records and court records. Where our calculations were made, our analysis and our work were fully demonstrated. Investors are capable of identifying and analyzing our analytics. «

"We have not consistently proved transparency with respect to NEPI shareholders, the most recent example of which is that the independent party refuses to directly investigate the potential sale of affiliated companies, investigation of suspicious assets and property transactions. Ten of the largest financial institutions in South Africa (including government managers), "said Viceroy.

Romania is about 57% of the NEPI rent.

According to Wikileo, the company's performance was at least three years stronger.

"It was an amazing part of the humor," said Alex Morar, Nieu Rockcastle CEO, The

"It's not a study report, it's a bad idea. Our smallest accountant says that the authors of this report have poor understanding of accounting policies and policies in Romania. They ignore the inter-company transactions and did not try to talk to us or understand the company in any way, "Morar says.

Nessy Chathy, owner of Momentum, says there is no assurance in Viceroy's report. "There were no attempts to make the assessment. There are no different assets owned by Nephi Rockcastle. «

NEPI Rockastle owns about a quarter of the Romanian shopping malls, such as Mega Mall Bucharest in Romania, Bucharest in Promenade, City Park Constanta, Sibuu Trade Center and Trade Timisoara.

The company said today it will respond to Viceroy Research's statement today.

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