Wednesday , October 5 2022

Nintendo has filed $ 12 million on royalty websites


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In July, Nintendo filed a lawsuit against Jacob Matias, the owner of and ROM-hosting sites because these sites posted Nintendo games that others were not authorized to download via an emulator. Now, Matias and his wife are instructed to pay more than $ 12 million to their players.

Judge of the United States District Court, Jennifer Zippses, has been charged with a $ 12.23 million Nintendo federal court ruling in Arizona, where both parties are responsible for paying their legal fees.

According to TorrentFreak, Jacob Matias and his wife, Christian Mathias, admit that "placing two websites" violated direct and indirect copyright and trademark law, which led to Nintendo's non-destructive injury. " In addition, both have to abandon all emotions and Nintendo games at their disposal. Nintendo's request for original claim filters both websites for Nintendo.

It is not surprising that Nintendo will be an active Lithuanian in its ancient games. The retro titles of the company have been re-issued several times by programs such as Virtual Console and Nintendo Switch Online. They can also be purchased as part of the NES Classic and SNES Classic plug-in console, which depart from the shelves since they were first introduced several years ago.

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The only way to play most NES games at Nintendo Switch is to become a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber. The program allows participants to access online casino games, as well as provide users with cloud protection and other games online. This fall does not require a subscriber fee before connecting to the Internet, but the cost of the program is lower than $ 20 for Xbox and PlayStation.

Hackers have learned how to get different ROMs with the Nintendo Switch program. This is unlikely to stop in the future, but if Nintendo is paying millions of dollars, some hackers may stop prematurely.

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