Friday , February 3 2023

Oil is expecting a decision to reduce OPEC supply


The OPEC Group and its partners, led by Saudi Arabia, have agreed to pay $ 1 million a day to prevent the emergence of unused fuel. 1.4 million barrels per barrel. Trying to reduce it to barrels.

"After the OPEC meeting on December 6, we see that it was right," said Tamas Varga, a strategic director at PVM Oil Associates.

Novak plans to sign a partnership agreement with the Russian non-OPEC member group on Monday, and will be discussed at the OPEC meeting in Vienna on December 6.

Brent is down 25% lower than the US, Russia and Saudi Arabia due to the slowdown in demand, down from $ 86.74 in October 2018.

The decision to abandon some Iranian oil-consuming consumers who refused to sanction the US sanctions that took effect in early November has denied concerns about the availability of raw materials.

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