Friday , August 19 2022

On Friday, December 8, Bowen Benton has sent his prisoners to prison


My friendOn Friday, December 8, Jr. Benton will be released from jail. The reggae / denhol icon is back to its old life and wants to return to make music. At the weekend, according to a statement posted on Instagram, Beju will only link his work, which is a player.

"After the difficulties I have encountered, my only desire is peace and love," wrote Bujou Banton. "I just want to connect with my handicraft. I want to survive and share my good news and energy. I would like to keep on listening to my life. I'm looking forward to being able to personally thank my fans and all those who support me. "

After three weeks of liberation from the federal jail, Bujou Benton is released from Jamaica. Grammy has several showcases in the next prison, including an important concert by Reggae singer Trinidad and Tobago and the upcoming tour planned next summer.

Bygie Benton, his real name is Mark Myr, ten years since he was convicted of drug trafficking in Florida in 2011. The legendary singer lost a lot of complaints after a paid government spokesman said he was being targeted and stolen to the drug trafficking ring. Finally, Shusha decided to leave the towel and finish her sentence, and the judge charged him with charges for a few years.

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