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Pay attention to those rare symptoms that can show diabetes


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Cape Town – November – Month of Diabetes. As part of the Diabetes Awareness Campaign, the Independent Public Pharmacy Association (ICPA) warns that all patients with diabetes are uncertain symptoms.

People need to focus on other distinctive features that show high levels of blood sugar:

Skin Care – Skin, as a rule, on the back of the neck, the elbow or the brush, the black, velvety patch is an early warning sign of the high blood level. This is due to the high level of insulin that affects the growth of skin cells and melanin, making the cells darker.

Enhanced viewing – Blemish is a symptom of diabetes mellitus. But in fact, for good or bad, any appearance changes, and may be a symptom. Because diabetes can lead to fluid levels in the body, including those in the eye, which can lead to a change in vision.

Chinese – Diabetes mellitus circulates blood circulation and causes nerve damage, which can lead to dry skin and it does not get scratchy.

Hearing loss – According to a study by the ICPA National Institute of Health, hearing loss may be symptoms of early warning of diabetes, and researchers have suggested that diabetes can damage the blood vessels and nerves of the inner blood, which is a poor hearing aid.

Croatian "According to statistical data, 2 out of 2 diabetes mellitus has reached half. Connection is completely incomplete, but I think that people release stress hormones during sleep, which can raise blood sugar levels, "says ICMO CEO Jack Maim.

Crooks and traumas slowly cure – The processes that help the immune system and the body to cure are not working well when the sugar level is high

The light of your foot – Increased blood sugar levels may cause complications before you know you have diabetes. One of them is the peripheral nerve injury, which can cause sleepiness in your feet and pins and needles

You are more inclined to urinary tract and yeast infections – High levels of sugar in the urine and vagina can become bacteria and yeast growth. Repeated infections may be a sign of diabetes.

The number of people with diabetes increases, and in this regard, ICPA asks for screening and diabetes prevention in Africa during the diabetes mellitus – independent community drug stores offer free screening risk for diabetes in November.

Maymine explains that ICPA has developed a diabetes risk assessment tool, which predicts the ability of a person who develops or already has a diabetic in the next few years.

This risk assessment has a set of targeted questions and data analyzes which should then continue to test and indicate that lifestyle counseling should be advised to prevent diabetes development.

* For more information, please contact the Independent Community Pharmacy Association (021) 671 4473.


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