Thursday , September 29 2022

Questionnaire examines antibiotic resistance


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Americans view antibiotic resistance as a health problem.

Research! American officials believe that 65 percent of respondents believe that antibiotic resistance is a public health problem and 81 percent say it is difficult or even impossible to treat more infections.

Officially, Zogby Analytics has attracted 10,000 adults, in line with the United States Society for Infectious Diseases (IDSA). Research has shown that 73 per cent of respondents should suggest that the federal government encourage the development of new antibiotics to encourage investment in the private sector, while 83 per cent believe pharmaceutical companies need to develop antibiotics.

Research has shown that 92 percent of respondents agree with doctors and other health care providers appoint antibiotics when needed.

"Americans understand that antibiotic-resistant supervisors can pose a threat to public health and help the public and private sectors continue research to tackle these health-threatening challenges," says Mary Woolley, President and CEO of Research America. "Americans are trying to reach the deck [antiomicrobial resistance] AMR – Government, Private Sector, Medical Workers, Hospitals and Individuals. «

61% of respondents said that antibiotics-resistant bacteria could be spread from person to person and 76% were resistant to antibiotics-resistant infections such as surgery, organ transplantation and cancer treatment. Only 21% of the respondents said that federal government did not take any measures to research and develop antibiotics.

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