Saturday , June 3 2023

Rugby boss sparks outrage The Herald


The Herald

LONDON. – World Rugby vice-chairman Agustin Pichot has sparked outrage among the main nations by adding a list of the top international teams and adding what percentage of their squads include "not born in their countries".

According to the website, Pichot's tweet, posted on Wednesday, and featuring statistics for the top 11 rugby-playing nations, have come to call for the former Argentina's halfback to resign for "fanning the flames of xenophobia."

The 44-year-old's post lists Scotland (46.3 percent) are on top of having the most "foreign-born players" in their November Tests, while both South Africa and Argentina are bottom (both with 0 percent). New Zealand is ranked second with 12.5 percent, while Japan (37.1), Italy (29.7), Australia (29.4), England (27.7), Ireland (26.1), Wales (24.3), France (12.9) are ranked second to eight According to Pichot's list, England, Ireland and Wales all have approximately double the number of New Zealand's players born overseas in their respective squads. Northern rugby scribes have traditionally criticized the All Blacks for pinching talent from the Pacific Islands, but last year it was shown that England had been actually a home of a hunting rugby since 2005. AFP.

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