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Sandra complains about retirement after the disagreements have already taken place


"Now the truth about my money tells the truth that these women should allow me to live with my life," says Sande Ndebele-Sibini. Over $ 80,000 last month.

The ruling Prince gave Simangan Gwemende, an illicit currency convertor in Biraugao, $ 90,000 (US $ 8,330,000 and $ 80,000).

However, another person in Gwemende, Lindvi Ndlovu, subcontracted him to trade in Bethbridge because the rates seemed to be favorable here.

Ndlovi claimed that he had been placed in a private car on Bethbridge on October 16 and robbed all the money after he had left the car to disassemble Collins Bong's car.

He then reported to police about the money stolen.

He reported to Guinea that he later informed Sandy that the musician did not easily solve the problem.

The musician demanded from Guinea to compensate him and that he would pay $ 1,000 a day before retiring.

This issue, which was before the courts, was acknowledged by Ndlovu this week that he had been falsely accused of money stolen.

Ndówu said he had been misdiagnosed as collecting money for the disease when he was suffering from cancer.

He was sentenced to six months in prison by the NW Gwanda magazine, Nomagugu Ncube.

For the next three years, three months have been suspended if not committed.

Sandy's judgment was questionable, and it was a fake story to deceive her.

"I was skeptical that the stolen money was just a cover. I came back to this law and started a lawsuit against the Bulawayo High Court (Gwemende) to recover my money, "Sandy said.
She says she needs all the money.

"I know that there is money. Maybe they shared it. However, as far as I know, they have paid for every interest they receive and stole it. "

He asked where he was once and Nkanyiso, the mother of three children, said he was not only a musician and showgirl, but also a working woman who earned money from other business interests.

He says people are only singing and dancing.

"I do some other things to earn and make my family look like any other Zimbabwean. I'm breeding more than 7,000 chickens, and every six weeks I sell them and buy chicks for other business interests across the country.

"Also, this year, because of the pre-election period, I worked hard. I was bought by political parties, money came and I saved it, "he said.

According to Sandy, this money is for sale in Dubai.

"This money was meant to be used to buy things that I want to sell to Dubai.

"If I want to know where I have borrowed money, I can not doubt anyone."

But Sandy said that he would teach him not to trust anyone.

"I believe in the woman (Gwemende), and I introduced her to her sister who was studying with me.

I thought it really helped me.

"Now I will break everything, because I trust people with money," explained Sandy.

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