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Singing of foreign acids. . The ticket does not mean luck, says Cont – Nehanda Radio


Bruce Ndlovu

When traveling abroad, their life may seem fun as they stop talking, but they are not golden for local parade artists, often in the streets abroad.

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Bulawayo became known as an exporter of expatriate expatriates, where their art and industry were evaluated.

A number of groups were following the crowd, as local artists were designed for rich people who seemed to be abundant in foreign stages.

Nevertheless, Art Mhlanga's Sunday interview showed that the life of the tour groups may seem interesting, of course, many artists have never lived on the streets of Europe and selling their own equipment. Several coins go along the path of good sense.

According to Marilyn, when traveling through many oceans, they have made it a habit to reach their age.

"Many people say they are going to tour, and they go there. Most of us do the street work. This is done mostly when putting several coins in front of shops and passersby. That is why they have their hands dropped from abroad. So it is not enough for someone to live. They are engaged in or are engaged in workshops at school, "said Mailan.

The fact that Mhlanga came into the art for many reasons was a problem.

"In my opinion, we sent a wrong message to the talent from all over the country. The people who left were impressed with the fact that they were the most successful. For us, the most important thing to leave is that when you came back, it was not important.

"I am one of those criminals who travel abroad but have not come back and learned about the international trips they have learned or learned from them. We wanted creative exporters to benefit from them, so we left an impression that we were successful in achieving the flight, "he said.

Many passport stamps, which lead to success, await the next big concert outside the country.

"The other issue we have created is that people want to join art, not just because they go abroad. So they are looking forward to traveling abroad and losing interest in playing home after the end of the tour. All this is a real result when you are waiting for the next round of work at home, you will not be able to improve your skills, "he said.

According to Milane, the tour between the excursions turned instantly into singers because they were expecting a big salary after Europe.

However, the end of apartheid in South Africa means that such acts can be fatal to Zimbabwean groups.

"When many artists went abroad, they brought the work of artists of South Africa. Because they do not perform at home, they create their own material that can be exported to overseas audiences.

"This problem, after 1995, after the apartheid was completed in South Africa, many groups started tourism and abducted performers in Zimbabwe. The South Africans came back, they showed their culture in a fuller way and showed us better than we can. So our actors were forced to work on the street because South Africa has taken all the premier cinemas, "he said.

Instead of using the appropriate channels to travel abroad, Mhlanga used his personal relationships to conduct concerts overseas.

"We have a problem that most people go to Europe through friends. When they are friends, they are invited by that friend. Finally, they just go and say that when they're really playing on the street, they're even busy doing things that they can not do at home.

"This is our biggest catastrophe. People are walking with their friends, and this is unstable, which means you can not just earn money. Those involved in the relevant structures may have created two or three groups that will succeed, "he said.

By the same theme, the artist and administrator, Nkuliaki Nkali, does not mean that some members of the globoating groups later died as pope, but did not pay for it.

"I would like to use the example of football stars. How many millions of people were to be blown up soon after? All this takes on a person. We live in a car parked out of groups such as the Political, the Isaas, or the Imzzo, and among the artists who bought the house, "he said.

Nkala said that priorities and poor financial management led to poverty.

"When the problem of many artists arrives in Europe, they think about things they wear when they return home. They buy clothes and phones in the home instead of investing in people.

"Whether you like it or not, the tourist cycle ends and you have to make sure that there is something to keep you from raining down. Travel does not match success. There are local groups that make a lot of money, but they have never seen the inside of the aircraft, "he says. Week of news.

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