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"Star Wars": Who will be the Cusan Andorra Series in Diego Luna?


Rogue One can choose fans from all parts of the big franchise.

The Star Wars the galaxy may be ready in more than one way for an explosion.

Disney's Chief Executive Officer Bob Aiger announced on Thursday that the Disney + streaming service would be of a new nature. Star Wars The series series showing the role of Diego Luna's rebel attacker Kassan Andor, has introduced a large screen in 2016. The only phenomenon is the story of a starry war. Cassan Andor was welcomed with the joy of the future, which could be seen during the uprising, but in the happy hour he had the opportunity to see one of the strongest members of the Alliance.

A new episode does not just let you see Kasayan Andor; by setting a show between Sith avenging and New Hope, appearance of all appearances and guests Star Wars characters will be. There are five distances from the galactic galaxy, which should appear in the new Favreau series. Mandalorian as the second one Star Wars The series comes to Disney

If any are available Star Wars mythology should be shown together with Cassian, who is Alan's Role-Playing Robot Partner The only phenomenon is the story of a starry war. The Cassian Imperial Security Droid may have been programmed again (as seen in the comic booklet) and may have created a custom pairing mode, depending on the time it takes to schedule it. Depending on the dose animation for each episode, it is only meaningful for Andor to use K-2 as a stable foil; Finally, this Cassie has its own peculiarity, and the Draade is more attractive and attractive. Plus … it would not be much more Star Wars-y?

Ahsoka Tano
As the first Rogue One, new series can be set for an animated period Star Wars: Rebels, to make sure all this show will be live debut debuts. One of the many characters on the show is worthy of the Camino series, especially Axoosa Tano Clone Wars and since then has been a solid fanatic-favorite. Even Better: In mythology, during the new era, Ahsoja became a secret informant of the rebellion under the code of Fulkuma. Is it just like an intelligent agent like Cassie? For bonus points, it should be remembered that Ahsoka is formerly Jedi Padovan and can never harm a person who knows how to broadcast the show.

Grand Admiral Thrawn
Initial (now abandoned) part of the expanded universe, Thrawn officially introduced Star Wars canonical Star Wars: Rebels The animation series is not a very small person in high-level positions in the empire – a sign of how cruel and wicked it is. Another favorite of fans is the comic book, which presents the canonical version of Marvel's works, in two novels of the Thrawn Del Rey book, but still has never been mentioned in the live action project. Commander of the Seventh Fleet, it is strong enough to act as a great weakness of the whole Cassie series, if the effort to make it is really a blue blue body and some red contact lenses. But it can happen too Is not it far to put imperial food chains in the show program?

Darth Maul
Shown at the end of the last minute Solo: The story of the Star Wars Dart found that Elizar was the head of the criminal empire in the original era Star Wars film failures Solo at the juvenile office, on the big screen, it is unlikely that this story will be viewed in any way. Of course, he does it – and Crimson Dawn syndicate has been added – a fair game to explore elsewhere, and there is a good place at that time and under the ground that criminal syndicate grows? Attention Star Wars: Rebels series knows that he must go to the world of Malahor in some way; the only question is how it happened? If we are happy, we may close all the story about cucumber in the morning before heading to the table in Mayra.

Enfys Nest
Another broom thread Solo To reach an exploration, Enfis Nest, the band's chief of the pirate group, ending the movie, or at least, plays an important role in the uprising. He gave Saw Gerrera a stolen coaxial Rogue One, but what happened after Nest and his other Cloud-Riders? There is a clear cause for Enfys Nest after the event Solo – It did not happen before the latest movie appeared – but that does not mean that there will not be a great truth and event.

The only phenomenon is the story of a starry war

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