Tuesday , August 16 2022

The benefits of physical activity: learning them can apply to you


It stimulates what you are studying.

Persistent physical activity reaches your life for seven years; significantly reduces the risk of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, breast and colon cancer; Helps control blood pressure, cholesterol and weight; Are you young and old? strengthens bones and muscles; as well as reduces mental health conditions, such as depression and symptoms that can be facilitated if they are.

Keep in mind, because it helps you to move: Australian research has shown that people can be more likely to be aware of the real benefits of physical activity.

"Many people know that they are useful for their health, do not know the real benefits of physical activity for their health, and have a positive effect on physical activity," said Dr. Stephanie Sheppe, a senior research fellow at the University of Queensland.

Sheeppe and her team prepared an online survey to ask 615 Australian adults about their physical activity – how well they learned and how much they did.

Each of them understood that physical activity is good for general health.

But beyond the basic level of knowledge, it can not determine the benefits of physical activity and the risk of physical activity.

On average, only 13 out of 22 patients with physical activity were able to identify them correctly.

Researchers have suggested that those who know more about physical activity have a higher level of activity than those who do not know much about activity.

More than half did not realize how much they should train each week. (FU, government instruction at least 150 minutes of moderate intensive physical activity and two sessions of muscle enhancing activities). However, it does seem that education is not really related to one's training.

There are limitations to the survey – survey respondents are mainly women (so the conclusions may not be general to men) and information on how much their physical activity (data may be incorrect).

The study also encourages learning about the benefits of training, but researchers still call researches "good insight" on physical activity.

The study will be published in the journal PLOS ONE.

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