Saturday , January 28 2023

The Gospels support the album Murarabungu


The Herald

Senior writer Tafadzwa Zimoyo
The amazing local singer Nico Chirunga released his third album for the Murariabung, along with top musicians who approved the Chitungwiza album on a weekend.

Famous Evangelical musicians Zimbraise, Joseph Madzieer, Mathias Mei, Beten Pasinawako Ngolomi, and her husband, Lytton, Tyrone Band, Melissa McGucca and Kean Marshall have been featured in the colorful event.

At the festive event, only one "Ndazviona Mundanda", Marshall, Tinashe Mutantva and the praise of Africa performed in Ciron.

The "Murabanga" album, consisting of nine tracks, such as Tokumbar Masimba, Vanhu Vako, Ndzviona, Simultaneus, and Ngaryende, inspired the Word of God and the social status.

In the interview to this publication, the musician said that the achievement of this achievement was the task of a memento and the level of support and level of maturity of other musicians who appreciate the talent.

"Imagine that local celebrities and musicians worked together to support you. The event was held at the Ministry of International Reform. I called the "Rainbow" album because it means Peace as "Rainbow" – there will be no floods, illness and war, "he said.

He wrote all the songs to Chirun, and his album was a success.

"I'm not a music fan, it's my third album. I had "Mukuru Vevakury" and "Tsvethe", which did not even accept the share of the air route. The third album I call ahead of God depends on strength and association and network. I'm glad to get advice from experienced musicians, so they took part in the album, "he said.

According to him, he recently worked on the release of the video because he did not work.

"I can say that my album was saying and some dance songs. Some financial restrictions impede the video, but I work, "he said

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