Tuesday , August 16 2022

The Mothlante Commission will introduce a ruling party in Zimbabwe


Harare – On October 1, the Motlant Commission on Violence Against Post-Election Violence, former Zanu Par Harar, chairman of the Youth Committee, said Jim Kunaak and the former ruling party were fraudulent.

Kunaqa has given it a testimony to the ongoing Commission.

It's strange that Mercy is a member of the Zanu PF, who is among the Commissars in Mancheco, and that she will be present in Mesonaland and the West in the morning, and, on the contrary, she is a secretary in the Provincial Women's League, "said Kunaak

Kunakah said he did not answer any questions raised by Professor Kayryly Mancheken because they were planned together.

"Also, when I make my contributions, I answer some questions and send others, but I do not ask any questions because I am the manager and we plan to decide how to resolve it.

"I know how Zanu works, and I was arrested after the incident to prevent violence on August 1. But courts have played here so that I can play with my defense. I can not say anything because it will be used against me in courts, "said Kunak

Kunakai spent a long time describing how the Zanu Clan operates in the 2008 election and how it works.

"After the election in 2008, we were invited to meet at the Zanu Headquarters, and these meetings will be held in a cellar, and one of the meetings said we could not handle the pen and paper. This made us vulnerable to opposition and in 2008 Zanu was not a polling station. Then I led the group to beat the members of the opposition, and through the violence, I managed to reach several places in Harar. "

He also noted that Zanu PF is the only party with militia in the country and has been recruited through the National Youth Service.

"I do not know about any military wing in the opposition, if it says it is a lie. If there is anyone, then give evidence before the commission, "said Kunakah

Zanu FF It is known for violence against members of the opposition and since 1999, it has lost more than 4,000 lives since the creation of the MDC.

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