Saturday , April 1 2023

The new robot works like a Venusian shape holding objects


Touch Multi-Touch

If we need robots to get more jobs for people, we need to give them multilateral access.

At present, many robots can only perform special tasks. Stubborn people are often encountered in tasks that require gentle touch, and soft hands often do not put much effort when hardened.

But now, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Harvard University research team make a robot manually, which is not only strong but also gentle, and it can lead to a new era in robotics.

Signature show

The origami team inspired their hands from the magic ball. Instead of using a few fingers like a finger, the conical robot puts his hand in an envelope and falls around it.

The pressure applied is enough to increase the weight of the arm 100 times, but it can work with much more delicate, lightweight items. In the image produced by MIT, it is possible to get everything from soup to banana.

Soft, but strong

Professor of Santa Cruz Robotics Michael Vecher, California University, who did not participate in the project, highlighted the news in his interview. MIT News.

"It's a smart device that uses three-dimensional printing, vacuum and soft robotics to completely handle the new way," said Wehner. "In the coming years, soft robots are gentle and luxurious for roses, but I think it is strong enough to safely lift the hospital patient".

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